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how do you change a mpg/avi movie to a video ts file?

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by humzaSM, Feb 9, 2005.

  1. humzaSM

    humzaSM Regular member

    Dec 18, 2004
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    could som1 please please please help
    i downloaded som avi and mpg movies but i no i need to turn them into video ts files to burn them to dvd but how do i turn them to video ts file using nero vision express 2 or som other software
  2. bazilla

    bazilla Regular member

    Jan 13, 2005
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    This isn't really a ripping question. It would have been better posted either in the newbie forum, or the video authoring forum. Since you mention NeroVision Express (I'd think about getting the update to NVE 3 if I were you), there is a nice User's Guide for it. Look in the Nero folders (Start-->All Programs...Nero-->User Guides-->NeroVision Express). Look especially at the section "Create your first movie."

    Between that, and the following (based on NVE 3), you should be on your way:

    1) Open NVE.

    2) Select "Make DVD-->DVD Video".

    3) Select "Make Movie." (Note that you can go directly to "Make Movie" from the opening screen. But if your ultimate objective is burn the movie to DVD, you'll want to do step 2) first, otherwise when you get to step 6) below and press "Next" it brings you back to the opening screen, and it is easy to get confused by that.)

    This takes you to the main screen where you will load in the files you want to merge. There are three basic areas on this screen: a preview box to the left, a box to the right showing your "media files" (this is called the "Asset View" -- run your mouse over it and check out the tool tip), and a storyboard/timeline view at the bottom.

    4) To convert avi or mpeg to VIDEO_TS, browse to the files you want to make a movie out of, and add them to your project. You'll see a small blue icon at the left of the window pane where you load in your files ("Asset View") with a wee image of a magnifying glass. As you move your mouse over it, a tool tip says "Browse for media." This opens a standard windows dialog where you can locate the files you want to merge, and add them to your project. Note that you have two choices here, you can "browse" or "browse and add to project". I suggest you choose the first. This adds them to the Asset View, but doesn't actually add them to the movie timeline.

    5) Once you have the media files you want to merge loaded into the "Asset View" drag them to the storyboard. For simple merges, I prefer the storyboard view. For more complex tasks, you would need to use the timeline view. Once you have them loaded into storyboard view, switch to timeline view. In timeline view, you can drag the marker through the movie to see if anything is missing. You can move the timeline view marker to anywhere you want, and press the "play" button on the preview pane and watch that part of the movie. Between timeline view and the preview pane, you should be able to tell whether the clips you are merging have gaps in them or are missing anything.

    6) Once everything looks like you want it, press "Next."

    7) The next thing you will probably want to do is to "Make Chapters." If so, select "Create Chapters." I think the process is reasonably intuitive, but if you need more help, just say so.

    8) The next screen says "Content" (and underneath "Create and Arrange Titles For Your Project"). You could probably just skip this one, and move onto the next. But do note the "timeline" at the bottom, where you see how much of the dvd is filled up. This is where you can customize the bitrate to maximize video quality. While on this screen, select "More," then "Video Options." A dialog pops up, with a second tab on it labled "DVD-Video". Click on that tab, and you will see a number of options for Transcoding quality. Depending on the size of your movie, you can select one of the predefined settings (High Quality, Long Play, etc., or you can select "Custom." If you select "Custom" you can set the bitrate manually. While there are "bitrate calculators" to help you calculate the bitrate necessary to maximize the space available on the dvd, you can do it pretty quickly here through trial and error by finding the highest bitrate you can without the length of your movie going past the end of the dvd shown in the timeline at the bottom of the current screen.

    9) Once you have your dvd video quality settings taken care of, press "Next". (BTW, holding the mouse over the "Next" button tells you what comes next!) The next screen is where you build your menu. Like creating chapters, I'll skip the details on that for now.

    10) Now pressing "Next" takes you to a final preview dialog where you can examine the results of your project (test the menu, watch everything play, etc.)

    11) At last, pressing "Next" one more time brings us to the dialog where we "burn" our project. Here "burn" is a bit ambiguous. It is really a two-part process. In the first part, the source files have to be transcoded --converted to mpeg2 and encoded as VOB files, along with the other parts of a VIDEO_TS folder. The second part is the actual burn -- copying the created VIDEO_TS folder to the dvd. I always do the first "burn" to the hard drive. Typically, this will be the longest part of the "burn," and can take 2-4 hours depending on the amount of transcoding that must be done. Once this is done, if burned to the hard disk, you have a VIDEO_TS folder with all the components of a dvd movie in it. This can then be burned to the dvd using Nero, or any other application that knows what to do with a VIDEO_TS folder.

    It is not hard, but it does require you to invest a little time in learning how to do it.

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