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How I solved my Three Rings of Death problem

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Modding & Hacking' started by prinn, Jun 3, 2007.

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    Apr 24, 2007
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    Let me first just say that this is not a new method for fixing this sort of problem, and I am in no way an electronics expert of any kind. Im just saying that I tinkered around my 360 and was able to revive it somehow. About a week ago I was dismayed to find out that my 360 had given me the three red lights of death and freezing during games. I wandered around various forums(including Afterdawn.com) trying to find out how to fix this !@#$ing machine. I learned of a few things to try like the towel trick, or applying Arctic Silver 5 as a replacement for that thermal glue on the GPU. There were some success stories along with some with less than positive results. What I did to "fix" my console was foul around with the heatsink on the GPU. I had heard of poeple saying that they had been able to fix this problem by adjusting their heatsink, so I did the same and took the heatsink off and put it back on. It pleased me at first to see that the three red lights had disappeared; unfortunatly, they were soon replaced by the overheating two flashing red lights. Im thinking to myself, "Well, at least it's not giving me the three red lights anymore. Let me try putting a fan near the motherboard". I tried a couple of things like blowing the fan at high speed, and putting the console in a cooler environment; nothing seemed to work. After a day of that, I noticed that the little plastic thing, the big piece that goes toward your fan and from the two heatsinks, was missing. Well, I tried everything else so why not! I attached the plastic piece and turned on the 360; it booted up without a problem. Next, I decided to try out Guitar Hero 2 since I hadn't played it since. Popped that game in and booted it up without any problems. A full hour into the game and the fan speed stayed normal. When I was having the three ring problem, it would usually start flashing either on bootup or halfway through a song. It's been five days and nothing has gone wrong since. So give this a try if all else fails... Or if you're drunk. I should say that I tried the towel method which did work, but for only about ten minutes or so. And I didn't have any Arctic Silver 5, so I decided to play with the xbox anyway :). Enjoy.
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    Good job NEWBIE

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