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how to back up ur ps2 games in a computer

Discussion in 'PS2' started by Tim_vaj, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Tim_vaj

    Tim_vaj Guest

    okay i dunt kno anything about a computer so can u tell me a step by step on how to burn or back up a ps2 game. plus i need 2 kno which equipment i need to buy to back a ps2 game up or burn it
  2. MasterChu

    MasterChu Guest

    Moving to Langjökull in Iceland - so all the info I posted is moving with me!
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  3. Tim_vaj

    Tim_vaj Guest

    yea but i dunt kno shit on how 2 even burn. for example i dunt kno where you go to even burn the image to back a ps2 game up. and where to click on to even start the burning
  4. Tim_vaj

    Tim_vaj Guest

    okay i hav went to the link u gave to me and i got what i am suppose to do but there are many different programs for burning rite so like wat if u hav a different program that is not dvd decrypter is the instruction still the same. plus is dvd decrypter the only program that can burn ps2 games if there is any other which 1 will u recommend me. plus does the program come with the dvd/ cd writer or do u hav to down load it from the internet AND DOES IT COST TO DOWNLOAD THE PROGRAM. now 1 last question is a dvd/cd writer also a dvd/cd reader. and please try to answer all my question cuz it'll be the last 1 ill be askin about burning

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