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how to backup san andreas+mod chip or swap magic

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by gash1986, Oct 30, 2004.

  1. gash1986

    gash1986 Guest

    have the original copy of gta-san andreas and i tried to back it up using alchol 120% with a datawrite dvd-r disc and it wudnt work
    i then tried burning at a slower speed 1x and it loads up but didnt appear on the screen
    i have nero but dont know how to use it
    i am trying dvd decrypter at the minute but i need help on how to backup this disc

    intel pentium4 3.0ghz
    dual layer dvd-rewriter
    2.4xdvd+r dual layer
  2. mynewname

    mynewname Member

    Sep 26, 2004
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    DVD Decryptor always seems to work.

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