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how to burn game for xbox360

Discussion in 'Xbox 360' started by rahul11121989, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. rahul11121989

    rahul11121989 Member

    Jun 12, 2013
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    i kinda a need help on how to burn a game for xbox 360... i have cracked my console.. and its a ntsc console....

    i read the steps to burn a game..

    The steps are as follow:

    Requirements To Burn & Play:

    1x DVD+R Dual Layer Burner (Capable of book changing)
    1+ DVD+R DL CDS (Recommended: Verbatim Or Aone)
    1x Firmware Flashed Or Chipped 360 (Recommended: IXtreme Latest Flash)
    1x ImgBurn (Latest)
    1+ Xbox 360 PAL = Europe, NTSC = North America, Region Free = Any console, ISO + DVD File (you can make your own dvd file, look at question 1).
    1x Brain

    Quick Notes:
    DVD-R DL will not work as Layer Break is required, DVD-R DL doesnt have the feature to select Layer Break.
    ISOS/GAMES/ROMS can be found in various torrent sites, (torrentz.com, piratebay.org)
    Burning Speed should be between 2.4x - 4x, i burn at 4x on DVD+R DL Aone discs and they work perfect)


    STEP 0:

    Insert Blank DVD+R DL Disc into your drive

    STEP 1:

    Make sure you have all the requirements and have your iso + dvd ALONE in a folder

    STEP 2:

    Open up ImgBurn then click on Write Image File To Disc, click on the icon with the folder + magnifying glass
    and open up your DVD FILE.

    Step 3:

    Change write speed to 2.4x or 4x (4x works for me)

    Step 4:

    make sure Test Mode and Verify are not ticked

    Step 5:

    Make sure destination says your DVD writers name and the writer that your disc is in and not some printer or whatever

    Step 6:

    Click the open book at the bottom right of imgburn

    Step 7:

    Find the name of the company that provided your burner, TSST is samsung btw.

    Step 8:

    Once youve clicked on the company, click Change For: and select DVD+R DL

    Step 9:

    NEW SETTING: DVD-ROM, click on change, itll say SUCCESS! then click OK

    Step 10:

    Make sure Layer Break is set to 1913760, click on

    Tools > Settings > Write - Layer Break (For DL Media)

    USer Specified : 1913760 > OK (this will set it permanantly but you might want to double check every time)

    Step 11:

    Make sure all steps are covered, Verify and Test Mode are unchecked, Copies is set to 1 and Write Speed is either 2.4x (40+ mins) or 4x (20+ mins)

    Step 12:

    Click on that big icon below Verify and test mode of a document disc with an arrow next to it pointing to a disc, it means WRITE!

    Step 13:

    Wait for disc to finish burning, once finished, exit imgburn then eject disc.

    now the problem is:
    i followed the above steps...
    everything goes fine, disc gets burn succesfully. But when i insert the disc in my console..it first displays reading then open tray option and nothing happens...i m stuck at this point..... pls help me out........
  2. palwill

    palwill Regular member

    Nov 3, 2010
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    bad rip maybe. do you have any other backups that work?

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