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How to Burn PS2 Games!

Discussion in 'PS2' started by xioa, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. xioa

    xioa Member

    Dec 26, 2002
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    Okay i'm tired and it's 11:00 at night and i need to go to school tomarrow so i might be unclear and make some mistakes but here goes...

    *PS2 GAMES*
    Ok to do this you need the following:

    -A PS2 (obviously)
    -A *CD* game to rip or an ISO (CD Image File) to burn. (you can tell if it's CD by looking at the back of the case of the game, it'll say either DVD or Compact Disc, another way of checking is to look at that back of the actual CD. if it's silvery, it's DVD, if it's purplish, it's CD)
    -CDRWIN (searth the net) (I use version 3.8D)
    -Fireburner(yes, search the net) (I use version 2.1.7)
    -A PS2 Patcher Prog (i'll attach it)
    -A GameShark2
    -A CD-R Burner (duh)
    -A BLANK CD-R (*NOT* CD-RW(CD-rewritable))
    -A Hard Drive with at least 500 Megs (700 Megs at max)
    -A plastic card (anything shaped like a credit card)
    -A STRONG paper clip (yes this does sound stupid but you'll see bastard)

    With this Method you do NOT have to get a modchip and you do NOT have to void your warranty. However, you cannot play DVD-R games with this method unless you cut down it's file size and burn it onto a CD-R (some other guy mentioned that a while before, yes it is possible)

    I have heard that some versions of the PlayStation and GameShark2 do not work with this but i'm assuming you have the correct versions (I did luckily)

    Okay First thing's first. Pop in your PS2 game and open CDRWIN.(skip this if you're burning an iso you downloaded or somethin) OK in CDRWIN go to Extract Disk/Track/Sectors. Ok a window will pop up and you have to put the options at the right settings.

    Extract Mode: Disk Image/Cuesheet
    CD Reader: Choose the CD reader you put the CD in
    Image Filename: pick the save directory
    Reading Options: Uncheck RAW, CD+G, CD-TEXT, AND MCN/ISRC
    Error Recovery: Ignore
    Jitter Correction: Disable
    Subcode Analysis: Auto
    Data Speed: MAX
    Audio Speed: MAX
    Read Retry Count: 5
    Subcode Threshold: 300
    Ok Click Save settings so you dont have to set them again and click go.

    Ok Now to patch this download my attachment file (it's not big and it's not a virus so just do it) Extract the files and run stc-ps2p.exe. Ok in the Prog menu Click Swap Trick with UT CD (this means USA discs) Click browse and find your image file that you ripped. (.bin file jackass) When you have it Click Patch. This takes a while depending on your processor speed so just wait. When patching is complete move on to the next step.

    Ok open FireBurner and go to Configuration->Device Options. Click the Recording Options tab and set it like so:
    Burning Speed: 1x works best but is extremely slow (i use 48x and it works fine)
    Recording Method: Track-at-once (TAO)
    Multi-Session: Leave Session Open
    Others: UNCHECK TEST BURN! (it will only test, it wont burn anything to CD)
    Click Ok. Now go to File and Import Tracks from CueSheet. Select the .cue file you ripped and click ok when it FireBurner loads the tracks. Go to Creat CD and Burn. CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE A PERFECT PS2 CD (almost:biggrin: )

    ok here comes the difficult part where you start wondering if you'll end up braking your ps2 or not (yes i had that same feeling)

    First off, open your ps2 CD tray and you'll see at the end of it (the side that shows when it's closed, it has the little playstation logo on) that the end can actually clip off. remove it with a screwdriver or something (i removed it with my hands, no big deal it clips on and off) you might brake the tabs but dont worry you can just glue them back on (seriously, it's not a big deal) DO NOT REMOVE THE DAMN DISC TRAY! (i know people who've done this, yea haha)
    Ok on to the next step.

    Ok put in your game shark 2 CD and your GS2 "memory card" (dongle) when the main menu goes up go to start game->without Codes. Ok now it'll ask you to put in your CD. DO NOT PRESS THE EJECT BUTTON! We gotta put in the CD without the PS2 knowing we did so it doesn't check for authenticity (i'm tired bumhole) Okay get that trust plastic card out and put it in the bottom crack you can slide it through, that's under the CD Tray (you can see it because we removed the cover) Okay stick in the card 3/4s of the way in on the left side and slide it to the right. (dont do it too hard, but you'll need to do it kinda hard). you'll feel this "tab" move over if done correctly. okay now you can remove the CD tray manually (grab 2 little tabs with your fingertips and pull out) remove the GS2 CD and put in your burned CD *JOY!* now gently put the cd tray back in and get that strong paper clip. Now to the right of the bottom of the CD tray you'll see a little "hole" you can stick the end of the paper clip through. do so and slide the paper clip to the left to put the tab you moved with the card back in place. now press X on the controller and WALLAH! Good job buddy!

    Okay burning psx games is easy but i dont wanna explain it so i'm goin to bed goodnight.

    errr id unno if it attached my pretty ps2 patcher so i'll just give the url:
  2. xioa

    xioa Member

    Dec 26, 2002
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    ... err it submitted 2 of the same thing.. wierd... sorry.

    oh and i just copied and pasted what i wrote on a diff forum so it came out a little wierd, here's the real url for the ps2 patcher:
  3. Oner

    Oner Moderator Staff Member

    Dec 8, 2002
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