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How to configure your Linksys wcg200 for fast bittorrent

Discussion in 'Windows - P2P software' started by Mole55, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. Mole55

    Mole55 Guest

    1. get into your linksys configuration site by
    a. go to your internet browser
    b. in the addres type in http://
    then go to the start menu and where it says run typ cmd. then youl get to a black screen that says documents and settings. type ipconfig/all. where is says defalut gateway you must type that in the adress bar ( http://192.168... whatever your default gateway adress is.
    2. you will then get a window asking for user and pass leave the user name blank and for pass type: admin.
    then it will take you to your linksys configuration site.
    3. Go to the Applications and gaming tab.
    4. where it says port forwarding click that, If you are already at port forwarding then go to the second line.( leave the first one blank, unless your using it for another program)
    5. where it says application type: bittorrent, where it says start type: 6881 where it says end type 7000. then for protocol click on both (UDP and TCP)
    6. where it says Ip address- Go to start on the menu on your desktop click run. then type in cmd. then type in Ipconfig/all. then where it says Ip address write it in the slot.
    7. check the enable port.
    8.Save settings.
    9. when you go to options on your bittorrent client. only allow 1 to 2 uploads to your computer.

    I hope this helps I really was looking for a way to boost my speed. for me is went to 1-2kb/s to 70-100kb/s.

    :) Cya!
  2. necronite

    necronite Member

    Jan 6, 2005
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    will this work for any linksys router?
  3. Mole55

    Mole55 Guest

    Well, most linksys routers are similar so i think it will, you can try :)

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