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how to cut the ending credit

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by ali777, Nov 23, 2002.

  1. ali777

    ali777 Guest

    ok strip the main movie only from shrek but the movie is still 400mb bigger is there any way i could cut the ending credit with ifoedit if so what are the steps

  2. forker

    forker Member

    Sep 18, 2002
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    here is one way to do it: Find out what chapter the end credits are. This will usually be the last or next to last chapter (sometimes the last chapter is just nothingness). Go to VOB extras and split the DVD to 2 DVD-R's, but split it at that final point of the movie, putting only the credits and following chapters in the 2nd disc. Then you will have VTS_XX_0.IFO and the vob files for the movie in the first disc folder, and the credits in another. Just delete the credits folder. Now open that VTS_XX_0.IFO file and go to VOB extras again. Do not split, but do strip streams. Take out any unnecessary streams and strip it to a new directory with "Create new IFO files" selected. You will get an error saying "cannot find VIDEO_TS.iFO, seems it doesn't exist". Ignore this error, IFOedit has just created a brand new one for you. Now go to that final folder and open VIDEO_TS.IFO and do Get VTS Sectors. That will be the finished product - a flawless DVD. You lose the menu, but it never yields errors. Good luck, and if you need any additional help just ask.

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