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How to Install Super Nintendo (SNES) Emulator

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Homebrew software' started by beatz, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. beatz

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    Mar 7, 2007
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    Note: All tutorials by my name are done by me and copyrighted by me thx all the applications i show are done by the creater.

    8. SNES EMULATOR 0.4.2 (latest super nintendo update)

    Snes Emulator allows you to play Super nintendo games on your psp
    at full speed it is a very cool emulation and one of the best.

    download here SNES emulator >>> http://dl.qj.net/SNESPSP_TYL-Standard-Version-v0.4.2-PSP-Emulators/pg/12/fid/7757/catid/135

    download here (Mirror) Sendspace

    download here SNES emulator UPDATE FILE>>>

    download here (Mirror)

    download here SNES roms (games) >>>


    1. download both SNES emulator links and save them to your desktop and open the 7757_snes9xTYL0.4.2 file.

    2. you will see a couple of files open the s9xTYL-0.4.2 folder.

    3. Next open the 1.5 folder.

    4. Now drag the snes9xTYL folder and the snes9xTYL% folder to your desktop.

    5. Now open the 14072_Snes9xTYL___quicksave_autofire_patch_by_davex file.

    6. Open the snes9xtyl folder.

    7. Now you will see a EBOOT.PBP inside. Drag that file to your snes9xTYL folder and make sure you overwrite the eboot inside.

    8. Now drag theb]snes9xTYL[/b] folder and the snes9xTYL% folder to K:/PSP/GAME/snes9xTYL/ROMS.

    9. Now when u find a rom from my link above download it and put it in the ROMS folder in the snes9xTYL folder

    10. Once your satisfied with your roms on your psp go to the game section and load up the snes emulator.

    11. You will see a disclaimer note so just scroll down and press X.

    12. Scroll to ROMS and press O.

    13. choose a rom and press O.

    14. now if u want to change the settings press L+R together and you will be guided back to the menu screen but with many other options. Now to make the game fullscreen go to video and then videomode and press O and change it to fullscreen. You can change other things but this is practically all you need to do to play your rom happy gaming!

    Note: This tutorial is from my major tutorial guide im am making it more clean check it out here ↓↓↓
    → http://forums.afterdawn.com/message_edit.cfm?msg_id=2978893
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