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How to make a dvd video ?

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by Zombretto, Jun 3, 2002.

  1. Zombretto

    Zombretto Guest

    Hi guys,
    well i bought a pioneer dvd-r 104 and i tried to make a dvd video .
    i have all vob's but when i burned my dvd-r with nero this not work on my dvd player.
    I think this is nero pb.
    So where can i get another soft to burn ?

  2. viper058

    viper058 Guest

    Uh..., you can't simply get the VOBs and burn.
    What procedure did you follow?

    I use SmartRipper, then IFOedit to strip and reset pointers, and then Stomp to burn. All together, just under two hours for a 4.36 GB movie.
  3. Zombretto

    Zombretto Guest

    this is nero pb,
    what soft can i use to burn(if you can give me url where to download also ) ?
    is it also possible to demux vob just to keep one language also to mux after on vob ? what soft to use for that ?

  4. viper058

    viper058 Guest

    Stomp's RecordNow is simple to use.
    After it's open, you drag & drop the VIDEO_TS folder containing your VOBs, and then click record. www.stompinc.com

    IFOedit should do what you need.
    It's available on this site. Check the downloads section.
  5. Zombretto

    Zombretto Guest

    Ok man.
    thanks a lot for your help .
    i go right now to see this

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