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How To Mod GTA games with cars and shit

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by sasha1303, Dec 18, 2004.

  1. sasha1303

    sasha1303 Guest

    Ok, this is pretty simple but not completly sure it will work. ok now any PC GTA Freak should know that there are car mods charecter mods and all kinds of other mods for GTA , and should know the 2 methods of moding. 1.manual (do it your-self with hack toolz) 2.using a program called i think VCMM (for automatic installation of eevrything faster or just for noobs) ok so this works with PC fine so why not try it with PS2 Version i mean its got all the same files and stuff , why not just extract the game from PS2 DVD to your PC HD make evrything un-read only and mod then switch back to read-only, rip to HD (if u hav HDloader u just use WinHIIP) or if you have a Modded PS2 then burn to DVD-R , wont that work? if any1 has tried this and failed or says wont work you can tell me now , but i think its worth a try and worth a yes :D
  2. sasha1303

    sasha1303 Guest

    OH yeh and i forgot to say it probly wont work For SA cuase of handling.config so best to try with GTA3 And Vice City ,though there is a chance it may work with SA cuase some GTA3 mods (cars , charecters) work in GTA Vice City that iv tested but only for PC im ognna borrow my friendz GTA3 c if it works cuase i traded in GTA3 and Vice City for San Andreas :D

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