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How to patch HD Loader / HD Advance 2.0, help need tutorial

Discussion in 'PS2 - Hardware boot discussion' started by sphighend, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. sphighend

    sphighend Guest

    I really need some help. I have been modding xbox's for quite sometime now, but am rather new to the PS2 scene. I am having an extrememly hard time finding a decent tutorial on how to patch HD Loader or HD Advance 2.0
    (if anyone reading this knows about xbox-scene .com this community could really use a ps2-scene .com)

    YES I have used the search tool OVER and OVER using every key phrase I can think of and either I am incredably retarded, or the search tool sucks.

    I am looking for a step by step tutorial on how to patch HD Loader (preferably since I already own it) or HD Advance 2.0 (I will buy it if I have to) 2 of the games I would really like to back up are on this list ( ps2nfo.com/ps2hdd.html ) However when you click on the "requires patch fix" links it goes to an empty download area at ps2nfo .com AARRRG >: ( (tried posting this there but for some reason they blocked my IP...trying to find information about PS2 modding compaird to xbox modding is like trying to pass an entire watermelon...)

    Im trying to gather information from here and there finding this information seams damn near impossible.
    I cant find a clear, discriptive step by step tutorial that explains the process of patching either of these programs. Can anyone please point me to one or help me out?? And please, dont send me any retarded halfass tutorials that dont tell me anything, I have followed WAY too many of those links already. =)

    Thanks everyone for any help.

  2. sphighend

    sphighend Guest

    no one knows of a good tutorial? :(

  3. GameDevil

    GameDevil Guest

    Your best bet would be to go to efnet, there is a chat channel there (can't remember the name, sorry) that is dedicated to fixing games for hd boots and they have a faq site in the channel title at all times. Just filter for channels with ps2 in the name and you'll find it. Good luck.
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 14, 2005
  4. sphighend

    sphighend Guest

    wow thanks! Soemthing that makes sense and communicated clearly. woo hoo =)

    Any other help from anyone would be great as well. :)

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