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How to rip PS2 FMV files - Step by Step Guide

Discussion in 'PS2' started by fuel_f2f, Dec 2, 2006.

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    All credit is to go to Castor Troy from animemusicvideos.org For this great guide.

    How to rip PS2 FMV/PSS files.

    PS2 game FMVs are encoded on the disc as PSS files. Some programs can easily find them but for games like Final Fantasy X and X-2, they are hidden. This guide should help you rip footage that is hidden.

    Programs you need:

    DVD Decrypter
    PSS Plex
    The file splitter
    Nova software extractor
    MF Audio
    Blaze Media Pro
    ***Castro Troy used DVD2AVI instead of Blaze Media, but DVD2AVI always errored and closed on me so I chose Blaze Media Pro***

    Virtualdub (Divx/Xvid encoding)
    Tmpegenc (MPEG encoding)

    Step 1: Ripping the PS2 Disc
    Put in your PS2 disc into your DVD-ROM/DVD Burner then run DVD Decrypter. Go to "Mode", then "ISO" and choose "Read". Then rip it to your hard drive by choosing "file" > "Decrypt". You should now have a large PS2 game ISO on your hard drive.

    Step 2: Splitting the ISO
    Open up The File Splitter and under "File to split", choose your PS2 game ISO. Select the folder on your hard drive you want the split files to be for "Folder for pieces". Then under "Size of Pieces", choose "Custom size". Make the custom size 1 GB and then choose "split" to split up the ISO.

    Step 3: Extracting the PSS files
    Now start up Nova software extractor and under "Files to scan", pres the "Select" button next to it and choose the split ISO files (They should end in a number). Under "Save extracted files to", press the "Select" button next to it to select the directory you want to store the extracted files in. Then under "Formats", choose "MPG". Press "Start" to begin scanning the split ISOs. The scanning process may take a while but it will show you the movies that you can extract from the game. Once the scanning process is done, select each of the mpg files, click on "properties" and change the mpg extension to pss. When you are finished, press "extract" to extract the pss files to your hard drive.
    ***Possibly a different technique for step 3. I've yet to test it***
    You could just entirely skip step 4... and instead, in step 3, rename the extention to .m2v or even .vob. Then proceed with step 5.

    Step 4: Coverting the PSS files to MPEG2
    Open up PSS Plex, choose "Demultiplex", then under "Select PSS source file", open up any of your newly made PSS files. Choose the directories you want the save the MPEG2 stream under and then click "start" to save it. Ignore the wav file it creates here because it will be distorted. Your MPEG2 stream should be saved as an m2v file.

    Optional step: Getting the sound

    Now that you have the footage, you can also get the sound if you want to watch the movie file on your computer. However, if you just want the movie file, then skip over to Step 5.

    Start up MFAudio and click "open" and choose the pss file you want to extract the sound from. You can press "play" to see if it's the one you want. Click "save as" to set the directory you want the wav file saved to then click "process to save the wav.

    Step 5: Converting the MPEG2 stream to avi
    Open up DVD2AVI and select the m2v file then choose "save avi" and choose the codec you want to save it under (huffy preffered" then press ok.

    Now you should have a large, yet fully working PS2 avi for video use.

    If you want to attach the audio back to the movie, you can use virtualdub. Open the avi in virtualdub, then under "audio" select "wav audio" and the wav you extracted earlier then the audio should be back with the movie. If you want to encode it into mpeg with Tmpegenc, you can load the m2v file for the video stream and the wav for the audio stream. You can encode the movie into whatever you want from this point or use it for a video.

    This is a great little guide. I got everything to work but my audio is all static. But I've only tried this with 1 file yet so I'm unable to say if its a fluke or not. The video comes out VERY well.

    BUT I am not sure which games this will work for, I hope it does for many. I'm testing it on my old PS2 game Called Shinobi and I'm getting some great video footage!

    <<<NOTE>>> Nova File Extractor in the link above only allows u to extract 30 files. I had to split my game into 500MB splits and do them 1 at a time. The problem was, that when changing from .mpg to .pss in step 3, you also had to change the number in the name or else you would be getting duplicates from running the program each time on each ISO split. Getting a full license for Nova would easily fix this.

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