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How to Set Scheduled Themes on Xbox One

Discussion in 'Xbox One' started by jaya bharti, Feb 16, 2018.

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  1. jaya bharti

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    Feb 16, 2018
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    Microsoft has added a special feature to Set Scheduled Themes on Xbox One so that users can switch between the two themes easily. Once you enable the feature, the operating system changes the themes from light to dark depending upon sunlight all by itself. For the time being, it is available in the Xbox One Alpha Ring. Even if you are not a part of it, wait for a while as it will roll out for everyone shortly. We are here today to discuss the way to Set Scheduled Themes on Xbox One. Let’s proceed with the procedure first.

    How to Set Scheduled Themes on Xbox One

    On the eve of 2017, Microsoft added the Light theme in the console. This theme differs from the Dark one as it favors the white and light colors in order to enhance the visibility in bright sunlight. On the other hand, the Dark theme makes the visibility smooth after sunset using black and dark shades. Enabling the Scheduled Theme on Xbox console is rather an easy task and users can accomplish it through its Settings. As we cannot do the Sunrise and sunset mapping for a specific region accurately, users need to set the time of start and stop manually. Here are the steps to do so.

    Step-1: On the Xbox One, go to the Settings and then navigate to Personalization.

    Step-2: Click on Theme & motion form following page, and quickly reach out to System theme drop-down menu.

    Step-3: From the list, select Scheduled. The system will prompt you to input the Start time for the light theme. Set the time in the specific field as well as set the end time for the same. Thus, the dark theme will be enabled once system matches the current time with the end time.


    This guideline will enable schedules theme on Xbox one console. Therefore, it will shift between the two themes at the time set by you.

    Scheduled Theme is a complementary feature introduced by Microsoft. Light theme enhances the visibility of daylight as the system uses more white and brightness. On contrary, Dark theme reduces the brightness and utilizes black and grey color in order to increase visibility when it’s dark. Microsoft set another exemplary milestone with the introduction of settings to Set Scheduled Themes on Xbox One. This feature is now available for the limited number of users having the latest Xbox insider program. This is so simple and easy to implement on your device. Upon proper execution, you can have automatic changing of the theme when the clock reaches to set time.

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