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I find a way for downgrade 2.80 to 1.5 but...

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Mod and firmware discussion' started by wastedZ, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. wastedZ

    wastedZ Guest

    the software is called HEN D -i almost never trust in the free stuffs i got the software and still not sure to use it i got it from famous psp hack site - really the program said the risk is really minimized for brick my psp but still shaking on the toy:( if someone have advice please to share it with me !
  2. yohex

    yohex Guest

    Well, if I remember correctly the downgrader only brings it down to 2.71 to allow you to preform another more safter downgrade, and remember this, downgrader always risk "bricking" your psp, theres no way around it, no matter what you do theres a small risk, but follow the instructions and you should be fine, I've downgrader 4 PSPs just fine, My friends and I took the risk, you can do it too. =D

    Make sure you read the instruction over and over agian, and have everything you need.
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  3. MidnightJ

    MidnightJ Guest

    Just use HEN-D for 2.80 w/Devhook. It all runs off your memory card and won't BRICK your PSP. As it all runs of your memory stick!
  4. bigcuz000

    bigcuz000 Regular member

    Feb 2, 2007
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    be a man take the risk and downgrade to 1.5 then up to 3.03OE-C and customize the bad boy. after that it is smooth sailing from there!
  5. MidnightJ

    MidnightJ Guest

    Your not really being a "man" by downgrading. Maybe some people don't like the idea of a possible brick. It's not that cool when your PSP bricks and you have to go spend $200 on a new one is it? Of course downgrading has become pretty safe, but when i can emulate 3.11 and 1.50 and run homebrew on my 2.71, im quite satisfied. Yes 3.03 OE-C is good since you don't have to load stuff through devhook and fastloader and what not, but i don't find it that big of a deal. The custom firmwares don't really excite even if i can fully customize my PSP. If it bricks it really doesn't seem worth it.

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