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I have a few questions, and a few problems that I need help with

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Mod and firmware discussion' started by Bobman32x, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. Bobman32x

    Bobman32x Member

    Feb 11, 2007
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    Instead of making a number of threads, I'm gonna try to keep the forums clean by asking them all in one thread.

    Anyway, I'm not new to the PSP modding scene, but I've been out of the loop for about 6 months. Ive been running 3.40-OE for months as I've had no need to update, but I bought a ps3 last week and wanted remote play. So I updated it 3.52 M33. But now I have a few questions about it, aswell as a few problems. 1st the problems. MULTILAYERED ROMAN NUMERALS!

    I. i was very annoyed that it wiped out my entire customized XMB at the install, but i got most things working, but Im having a few Nagging problems with it.
    1. The Remote Play and online Software Manual Icons are just big white blocks. I've converted the icon set to be 3.52 compatible (and god that sucked btw) but these 2 icons aren't showing up even though their bmp icons are no different from any others. Any fix to this?
    2. I cant change my battery icon. Anytime I set the system_plugin_fg.rco to anything but the default, the PSP will load up, but if i select almost anything, the PSP freezes. The Only thing that worked was Music, Movie, and UMD. Selecting any other icon froze the system and had to go into recovery mode to put the original back.
    3. My gameboot wont work. Only the stock PSP one works. Anything else just gives me a white screen. This one i may know a fix for but i no longer have the file. If i remember there was a .prx i needed to put in the nodule folder on the flash0 that would load the pmf from Flash1. Does anyone have this file?
    4. A 2 parter sort of. Opening_plugin.rco.... These are giving me problems. I had a Devil may Cry 4 one that I'm VERY pissed that got overwritten so i no longer have the original. I have about 6 different ones on my PC, but EVERYONE doesnt seem to do anything, and they all vary in size form about 12kb, up to about 240kb. Anyway I can preview what does what? And when one is used the intro doesnt even show up, and in some cases causes my psp to freeze. If I remember there was a prx i needed aswell for a fix for this.

    Thats really all for my problems. Now Questions.

    II. Can someone explain or give me the information I need on these.
    1. What are the differences between the different versions of 3.52 m33, and how do i tell which version I have?
    2. What are the advantages from going from 3.52 m33 to 3.71m33?
    3. When I had 3.40 OE, there was an eboot i could launch from the XMB that would take me back into recovery mode so i wouldn't have to restart the system and hold down R. Is there an eboot for 3.52 m33 aswell? If, so can someone gimme a link?
    4. What do you all think of my New theme:p?
    The background PNG if you want it -
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  2. svtstang

    svtstang Regular member

    Apr 23, 2006
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    1.Biggest difference would be Sony 9660 no umd implimentation, which is -2 I believe. You can tell what version you have via system info. -4 is by far the best.

    2.At this point 3.71 offers nothing imo over 3.52-4. Themes are in a new format, woohoo...or not. You can look at pics while listening to music...yay again. When games require 3.71 then it will be necessary, I am sticking to 3.52 till then.

    3.There are so many available plugins I cannot keep track of them. I do believe there is one which does what you explained on 3.40 OE, I would have to search around to find it though. Is it just a simple reboot.prx?

    4.Eh, too much for me. I am fond of the x360 theme, I prefer functionality over flashiness.

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