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I have sucessfully backed up resident evil file#2

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by g4techtv, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. g4techtv

    g4techtv Guest

    This is the method i used

    1>Extract the ISO using DVD Decryptor (ISO Read)
    2>Open the ISO made with DVD decryptor with ISO Buster
    3>Create a folder to put the files game files in
    4>Extract the files using ISO Buster into the new folder. (select all and drag to new folder)
    5>Arrange the files in the new folder so that they are in the EXACT same order as they appeare in ISO Buster.
    6>Open Nero selesct DVD, then UDF/ISO
    7>Under the UDF tab select "Force DVD video compatability mode(
    8>Drag the files from the new folder into the Nero burning screen (in the exact order they appeared in ISO Buster)
    9>Burn at 2X - 4X and your done.

    Don't forget to change the DUMMY file with notepad (replace with an empty text file)

    you guys know all of this.

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  2. mahfucka

    mahfucka Guest

    i used this : burn iso right away at 8x , no problems

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