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i is stupid plese give me info

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by help-meee, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. help-meee

    help-meee Member

    Dec 4, 2004
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    i have ps2 no mod chip and i cant get one.how could i copy games to dvd and what freeware shud i use?please please please please help :)
  2. sly_61019

    sly_61019 Senior member

    Jun 28, 2003
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    if you can't get a modchip or fliptop/slide card and swap magic, you CANT play backups.
  3. rustyfanz

    rustyfanz Guest

    you need good, name brand DVD's like Sony, HP, Teon. which type of DVD's can your DVD burner burn, +R or -R.

    what version is your ps2? find out here.
    if your ps2 is like V7 and or higher, it can play both +R and -R DVD's. if its below that, than it might only beable to play -R.

    you need a swap disc slide card combo, you can get that here for the cheapest price i could find:
    get the second thing down on this page.

    here is the programs you need, to get them search google.com for "free download for" and the name of the program. there you go, and heres the steps and programs you'll need.


    Want to make backups of your Sony PlayStation 2 Games. No problem! You will learn how to make copies of your personal Sony PlayStation 2 games. (We do not condone making copies of PS2 games you do not own). The question is always asked, "Do I need a ModChip?" Well, yes. ModChips are required if you want to play backups of PlayStation 2 discs that you create. If you do not have a ModChip you can click here to get one at a reasonable cost. They are worth the small investment.

    Hardware Requirements
    DVD Player
    DVD Writer
    Blank DVDR Discs
    The Original PS2 Game (Not a copy of a copy)
    Minimum 1.5GB free hard drive space (2GB or more of free hard drive space recommended)
    Recommended Pentium4 or AMD Athalon CPU (not required)

    Software Requirements - Downloads
    DVD Decrypter - Rips the DVD movie, creates an ISO DVD image file and burn that image file back to blank DVD media

    PrimoDVD2 - Download and install this program

    PPF-O-Matic - Used to apply to apply & create PPF patches to your copied PlayStation 2 Games

    Note: Presented here are two methods for making backups of your PS2 Games. The first method is with DVD Decrypter. The second method is with PrimoDVD. Both are presented here so you can decide which is easier for you to use.

    What You Should Know About PS2 Games

    PS2 games come in two formats: CD-Rom & DVD-Rom.

    This poses a minor problem: If your PS2 game is on a CD-ROM, then go HERE

    If the PS2 game is on a DVD-ROM, you will need a DVD-ROM Burner and blank DVD-Rs.

    This tutorial assumes that the PS2 game is on a DVD-ROM. If your PlayStation Game is on CD-ROM, then go HERE

    Identifying a CD-ROM Verses a DVD-ROM PS2 Game

    Each original PS2 disc will have either CD-ROM or DVD-ROM stamped on the disc label and printed on the covers another way to tell is by looking at the bottom of the disc, a PS2 CD-ROM is blue and a PS2 DVD-ROM is silver.

    Section 1 - Ripping Your Your DVD PS2 Games Using DVD Decrypter

    Step 1 - Create a folder on your hard drive and name it VIDEO_TS. (i.e. C:\VIDEO_TS)
    Step 2 - Insert your PS2 Game Disk in your DVD-ROM.
    Step 3 - Insert your blank DVD-R into your DVD-R
    Step 4 - Launch DVD Decrypter. DVD Decrypter will automatically read your PS2 Game Disc. See Figure 1.1

    Figure 1.1 - The DVD Decrypter Control Panel

    Step 5 - Select the ISO Mode and then Read R. (This step is to change the ripping mode) Figure 1.2

    Figure 1.2 - Selecting ISO/Read Mode

    Step 6 - Select a Destination. From the destination box, you have to select a filename and directory where to store the ISO image that DVD Decrypter will create for you. See Figure 1.4.

    Figure 1.4 - Selecting a Destination

    Step 7 - Navigate to the folder you created in Step 1 (i.e. C:\VIDEO_TS), give your PS2 Game a name. Then click the Save button. See Figure 1.5

    Figure 1.5 - Naming Your PS2 Game

    Step 8 - Copy the PS2 Game to your hard drive. After setting the destination filename, simply click the copy symbol in bottom of the window and DVD Decrypter will start ripping the game and creating a DVD image file to your HDD. See Figure 1.6

    Figure 1.6 - Starting the Ripping Process

    Step 9 - The ripping process may take between 15 - 60 minutes depending on your computer configuration. You will be presented with a progress panel as shown in Figure 1.7. (During the Ripping process do not use your computer or run any other programs)

    Figure 1-7 - DVD Decrypter Rip Progress Panel

    Step 10 - Upon completion of the ripping process you will be presented with the panel shown in Figure 1-8. You will also find an image file (ISO file) with the game name you gave. This file will have an *.ISO extension on it. See Figure 1-9. This ISO file can be burned directly to a DVD-R using DVD Decrypter.

    Figure 1-8 - Rip Process Completed

    Figure 1-9 - The ISO Image File

    Section 2 - Burn Your DVD to a Blank DVD-R Using DVD Decrypter

    Step 11 - Burn the image to DVD. After the ripping process has finished, you simply go to Mode menu again and select Write under ISO selection. Figure 1.10.

    Figure 1.10 - Selecting ISO/Write Mode

    Step 12 - In the Source section of DVD Decrypter, click on the small folder icon and select your movie from the directory you created in Step 1 (the ISO image) from your hard drive and click Open. Figure 1.11 and Figure 1.12

    Figure 1.11 - The Source Section

    Figure 1.12 - Selecting Your PS2 Game Image (ISO) File

    Step 13 - Insert your blank DVD-R into your DVD-R burner and click the copy icon and wait for a veeeery loong time :) Figure 1.14

    Figure 1.14 - Burning Your Game to DVD-R

    Section 3 - Burn Your PS2 Games Using PrimoDVD (Alternate Procedure)

    1. Download and install PrimoDVD2. Launch the program.

    2. When you start PrimoDVD2 you will get the PrimoDVD Starter window, just click the "Go to Full Application" button (A).

    3. In the Left of this window it will list your drives, select your DVD burner and right click (B).

    4. In this menu select "Build Global Image" (C).

    5. In this window leave all default settings except for the following:

    a) In the Global image box type the destination & name of the image file to be created (D).
    b) In the Reading Speed box select MIN (D).

    6. Click the "Build" button and leave your PC for a while and you will be left with the image file(s) (E).

    7. Insert a blank quality DVD-R, go to Full Application window again and click on "Global Image or Other Image" icon (F).

    8. Double click your DVD burner so a red arrow appears next to it (G).

    9. Select your image file (H).

    10. Set write speed to the lowest setting (x1 if possible) (J).

    11. Select "Test and if OK Record" (once you have successfully done a few you can just select "Record" but it is best to test the first few you do) (K).

    12. Click the red record button (L).

    13. Go have a cup of tea. When the process is complete you will have a backup copy of your PS2 game.

    hope that helps!

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