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i need help getting resident evil on my psp pleaseeeee

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Homebrew software' started by Gowenks, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. Gowenks

    Gowenks Member

    Apr 1, 2007
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    i need help putting gmaes on my psp


    please tell me if theres any way to downgrade without using grand theft auto liberty city stories

    ive tried everything

    i cant use the game because i cant get it
  2. HyphyDesi

    HyphyDesi Guest

    Wow i feel sorry for you. Most of us here are crying for a 3.11 downgrader while you are on 3.30. Lol bad move man, YOu better hope that they will never make a 3.11 downgrader and make one for 3.30.

    Besides there is no downgrader for 3.30 or 3.11 yet

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