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i need help plese tell me how to burn a ps2 game

Discussion in 'PS2' started by Feargiver, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. Feargiver

    Feargiver Guest

    hay guys like the info now i got a question ok i downloaded a ps2 game i just got a a dvd burner 4x now im new to burning dvds. i would like to no how do i burn a ps2 game that i downloaded off the net and i have nero, record now, dvd decypter, cdrwin, now im really confused how whit what software do i burn with and can u please give me a step by step process please and as much info as possible also what setting should i use
  2. Gsus

    Gsus Guest

    Downloading Ps2 games from the net if you don't already own them is PIRACY!
    We don't tolerate it on these forums.
    Next time, don't be such a knob, look at old threads and read the rules!
  3. paul399

    paul399 Member

    Jan 16, 2004
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    Gsus i also have this problem. but im not a piracy person i buy my games unfortunately my game got cracked and i downloaded the copy , i dont consider this piracy because i already payed for it so imrestoring it, i need help on how to burn a ps2 game and with which program so it works, i even went out and got a modchip so i cud play my broken games, got a few of them.. stupid lil brother and his moron friends broke like 5 games :(
  4. Feargiver

    Feargiver Guest

    dude i down loaded them off my other computer in a other city i used pc any where so not pirated just downloaded off my computer that i got just want to no how do i burn them whut image or iso whut settings im trying to burn it off my computer
    im not a pirated person my self thats y the jack up the prices of games

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