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I NEED HELP!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by monudo07, Jan 21, 2002.

  1. monudo07

    monudo07 Guest

    i need help,i'm just starting out now but i've got a big problem. Right now i have the DVD2SVCD_1.0.6 software to rip dvds. i've been told it's very good but when i tell what directory to get the DVD from, it says that the directory is not accesable and that the device is not ready. now, maybe im skipping a step here, i don't know. i have 2 different cd drive and 2 hard drives. right now, im just putting the dvd into the disk drive that does not burn and telling the program to open that. the drive just isn't recognizing the dvd as a cd! please help me!!!!
  2. Smerity

    Smerity Guest

    Ok, three things.
    One, have you got a DVD drive, cuz u can't run DVD's on a CD rom Drive

    Two, If u do have a DVD drive, you must first decode the DVD's Vob files before converting them.

    Three, make sure the DVD drive is plugged in correctly.
  3. monudo07

    monudo07 Guest

    Thanks a lot for your response. but i messed up. i have a dvd drive, but it's broken (the actual drive, not the software) so for some reason i thought all i needed was the software to do it, apparently i was wrong. thanks anyway!

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