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I need major help with knowing if my laser is bad or not!!!

Discussion in 'PS2 - Hardware boot discussion' started by tjshady, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. tjshady

    tjshady Member

    Apr 13, 2005
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    OK i have 3000 version of ps2. my dvd player doesn't work anymore. but the cd does. work really quick too. i turned the white nob inside all the way around and nothing. silver back, blue back, or swap disk. but does with any cd. i opened the back and turned the cd up a notch worked a little faster but i put it back b/c didn't need it any faster then i tried the dvd notch and turned it up a hair and that is when it stopped working. i see that on the cd side if you turn it too high the red laser light will keep blinking making a notching noise put it back down and the red light comes on for 2 secs and loads perfect. on the dvd no matter where i put that one it just blinks red about 20 times then spins the dvd sounding like it is then trying to read the dvd for about 20 secs but then just stops spinning. please can some one help me i don't think i should have to get a new laser if the cd is still working do i? if so where is the cheapest place? what else can i trouble shoot to get my dvd working was just working fine about 2 hours ago until i did that dvd nob turn. reason i did that is because it would only read silver back. and would read the swap very slow and play the games slow as hell turned the white nob and there were only 5 slots on the whole thing that would work with the swap disk but wouldn't work with anything else.
  2. GameDevil

    GameDevil Guest

    IMO, you turned too many things, too many times... :(
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