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i need sum help with backing up psx games trhu alchol 120

Discussion in 'PS2 - CD backup discussion' started by neo102, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. neo102

    neo102 Guest

    well i used a tutorial that said click image burning wizard and then point out your iso cdd file or wateverand i did that alundra.cdd it came up with the next screen they said change it 2 play station i did and then change raw sao/dao it worked the first time but i haved tryed the backup yet still waiting for breaker pro but yeah now i try breath of fire to backup my cd was way to scratched so i downloaded which is ok right i mean i own the game it self its just pretty munched up but yeah when i click playstation it came up as raw dao when i changed it to dao/sao it changed playstation back to custom and checked rectify sub channel data. and i cant fix it will the backup stil work sorry im a little psx cabbage but yeah does it screw anything up also cant you check if ur backups work by playing em in epsxe oh yeah and one last thing i downloaded tombi 2 because my original cd buggerd up like all my discs and it is to greata game but yeah it came as an iso will this change anything by burning thru alchol cheers for any help its just iv been searching for the answer for days and no where iv looked has anything on this
  2. masesaco

    masesaco Regular member

    Oct 28, 2005
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    Remember first to extract the files from the game that you downloaded (7z, winrar, winzip, etc...it´s marked at the end of the files) , if it is splitted in several parts, just put them together in a folder, and extract only the first one, the others will do automatically.
    You´ll get files like "ccd,sub" "mdf,mds" "bin,cue" "iso" etc...
    When in Alcohol, use "search " to get the files you want, and click "next".
    On next screen choose "raw dao", the lowest speed thgat ypu can get, file type "playstation" or other according with you need, and click "start".
    Now, just wait until the disc ejects

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