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I need this.

Discussion in 'PS2 - CD backup discussion' started by Slipkn, May 13, 2007.

  1. Slipkn

    Slipkn Member

    May 12, 2007
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    Can someone please get me codes for Resident Evil 4

    My gameshark is Gameshark 2 V1.1

    I can't seem to find them on the Gameshark site, at least the version
    I've tried all of their versions for my gameshark and none of them work at all! Help.
  2. HG27

    HG27 Guest

    Here's what I got

    ECBDEE84 142C426C

    Infinite Health-Leon
    4CD55D9A 1456DE85

    Max Health-Leon
    4CD55DA0 1456DE85

    Max Pts.
    1CD55D94 14BE598C

    Never Reload
    1C8583C4 3894E7A5

    Always 1st Save
    3CD55D7E 1456E7A5

    Let me know if it worked out for you.

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