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IFOEdit Crashes.....

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by chunkyass, Nov 10, 2002.

  1. chunkyass

    chunkyass Guest

    Ok...I have had ZERO luck trying to back up DVD-9's now. I have tried at least five times to back up the first season of Sex and the City (volume one).

    Twice I have encountered stream processing errors when trying to re-encode with TMpge. Then I tried to split it up to two DVD with IFOEdit and IFOEdit crashed both times (v0.94).

    What I really want to do is simply strip half the episodes to one DVD the other half to another DVD, then make a menu with DVDMaestro. (I actually was able to do this, but the audio was out of synch...dont know why that was).

  2. wheelerdr

    wheelerdr Member

    Nov 11, 2002
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    RIP IT
    make a directory called c:\ORIGINAL
    Make a directory called c:\ VIDEO_TS
    start dvd decrypter it will automatically open the movie and files.
    where it ask you for the destination select c:\ORIGINAL
    click on the disk to hard drive this will rip it and put it into the c:\ORIGINAL folder.
    now close dvd decrypter
    open ifo edit. open c:\ORIGINAL\VTS_XX_).IFO
    Select VOB extras
    Leave all defaults as is but check Creat New IFO'S
    under destination select c:\VIDEO_TS click ok
    now make sur to uncheck all junk files espicially subpicture or you will get subtittles all throught the movie. you only need your english audio checked should be #1
    now click STRIP IT.
    now click on the folder VIDEO_TS ensure it is under 4.5 gig.
    close and reopen IFO Edit
    now chose get VTS sectors click yes to correct all sectors
    now close all sectors.
    open up neo and select copy from as c:
    destination your dvd burner
    and name the movie select make disk and in about 35 min total you will have a working movie.
    remember to buy 1 or 2 dvd rw to try till you get it down ( these will not work on a stand alone dvd player but will work on your pc.) now that you have it down buy some dvdr and backup your dvd colection.
    this is the easiest way
  3. chunkyass

    chunkyass Guest

    wheelerdr.....your method sounds great....but with all the stripping...the size is NOT below 4.5 gig. That is why I wanted to split into two disks. I have been reading and I can only assume that my IFOcrashes because I am running Windows XP. Perhaps its time to clean HD off and reinstall 98.

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