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imgburn problem.

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii / Wii U' started by dimluck13, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. dimluck13

    dimluck13 Member

    Jan 29, 2008
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    On my dads computer, I could burn using imgburn fine, using my tdk DVD-r's, but on my laptop, when using these DVD-R's it says error write protected, retry's 25 times then cancels, any ideas? I know the DVD-r's work cause they burned on my dads computer.. i have no idea lol, its defintley computer specific tho, anyone had this problem and fixed it? Should i just get new DVD-r's? I've sucessfully burned DVd-r's using imgburn on my laptop before but they were diff DVd-r's hrm..
  2. tripplite

    tripplite Guest

    if you have different burning software try that and see if it burns,
    try different media if you have it on you! (you may have gotten doggy disc's ruined from factory)

    what type of img file are you trying to burn? try another one it could be corrupt!

    if other software will burn the file but imburn wont then make sure imgburn supports that file type, (choice the supported files option when browsing for the file)
    imgburn is pretty quick to uninstall do that if you wish

    if your drive wont burn with any software on anytype of disc make sure the cables are connected (ATA/IED/SATA)and the drive is listed under
    my computer

    i woudn't do this just yet but i'll list it!

    BY TRIPPLITE: lets uninstall your drives before installing a new firmware
    create a restore point>control panel> performance and maintenance> err some were here

    boot into safe mode
    (hit f8 of f12/f2 at first boot screen)
    go start>
    my computer>
    right click properties>
    open the hardware tab>
    and select device manager>
    find your dvd burner drive(UNDER DVD-ROM.CD-ROM DEVICES differers depending on what you have), right click and uninstall it

    restart (you dont need to be in safemode) and upon login you will prompted to install a new driver, say yes and agree to everything
    if your are not prompted go control panel> (make sure your in category view) and select printers and other hardware, and hit the option add new hardware or something to that extent

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