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In desperate need of help.

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Mod and firmware discussion' started by pdf0791, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. pdf0791

    pdf0791 Guest

    Before I begin I did use the search feature, but I didn't find an answer.

    I have just bought a 4gb memory stick. My friend is going to let me borrow some of his psp games to backup on my 3.40 OE-A psp. How do I do this? Please provide me with a step by step instructions. Oh, and will doing this mess up the original copies in any way?

  2. pdf0791

    pdf0791 Guest

    I found this guide in "The motherload of psp guides"

    Follow this guide completely in every steps and it will work

    1.) Download "USB Special System Storage":
    HERE: http://www.psp-hacks.com/file/1008
    2.) Extract it using "WinRAR". (Search on "Google" if you don't have this)
    3.) Open the folder you extracted from "WinRAR". (USBSSS_100)
    4.) Copy the folder "PSP" inside the folder "MS_ROOT" to the ROOT Folder of your PSP MEMORY STICK. (E.G. X) - (X as in the drive letter of your PSP) - (Just allow it to overwrite, it will only add extra files and folders)
    5.) Exit from "USB Connection" but keep your USB Cable in..
    6.) Then in "XMB" go to "GAME" -> "Memory Stick" -> and start "USB Special System Storage"
    7.) Now put in the "UMD" you want to rip into your PSP.
    8.) Select the first option; "Virtual FAT16 . UMD ISO-9000".
    9.) Now go to "My Computer" and open up the PSP drive.
    10.) Now you should see your game.
    11.) Now copy your game to anywhere you want on your Computer. - (E.x. "Desktop")
    12.) Now your rip is being made, the rip will be finished when the percentage on the PSP has reached 0% again then press "X" to disconnect. - (DO NOT disconnect until the percentage has gone back down to 0 again or your rip will be incomplete.)
    13.) Now just choose "Exit to XMB".
    14.) And you are done. (Easy,wasn't it?)

    Is this what I should do?

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