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installing a modchip

Discussion in 'PS2' started by BENCH`, Jan 15, 2003.

  1. BENCH`

    BENCH` Member

    Jan 13, 2003
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    do u really need to have a soldering iron 15w w/ needle point in it
    or 35w is fine. and also can anyone show me
    a finish job. with modchip soldered to their ps2 -
    is there any sucessful newbies that soldered their own modchip....share some experience....it would be much appreciated.

    -how long does it take to solder a modchip?

    -ive ordered a magic 3.1 and some games from shopatchris...any news that i should know about this guy...

    tnx again
  2. bluebus

    bluebus Regular member

    Jan 6, 2003
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    DO NOT use a 35w iron. You'll burn your board up in no time. Just go to radioshack and get a 15w iron for $9.95. If you need another tip they are only $.99. Also I can't stress enough to use flux. It will make things go 10 times easier. The first one I tried doing without flux and after about 5 hours I gave up and went and got some. I couldn't believe how easy it was using that. Here's a little list of things to have prepared before you start.

    15w iron
    solder (small as you can get)
    wire - 22 gauge for 5v, 3.3v, and ground - 30 gauge for data wires
    wire stripper (one that will strip up to 30 gauge wire)
    magnifiying glass (I use 2.8x goggles which work very nice so you don't have to hold anything - I wouldn't mind if they were a little stronger though)

    That should about do it. Everything I listed above you can get at radioshack, except for the goggles. As long as you have all the right tools and a little patience it shouldn't be too bad. Average install time for someone experienced I would say is about 1 to 1.5 hours.

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