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Internet connection problems.

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii / Wii U' started by FireRebel, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. FireRebel

    FireRebel Guest

    Hey guys, My first post so correct me if I do anything wrong. Okay, to those of you willing to help me, my problem is with my WiFiMax for wii. Here is a link to it. Wifi Max

    I am able to get a connection to my wii for about 15 minutes, then it drops me. I hope none of you guys live near me or you will be able to use my network :p. My access point settings for my wireless LAN configuration Tool Plus (Gay name for wireless set up) are as follows.
    802.11b+g Mixed mode for my wireless mode.

    Channel: 11
    SSID: Firerebel
    Tx Power: level0 0 (maximum Power)
    Authentification: Open system
    WEP: Enable (Hexadecimal 64 bit.[10 characters])
    Fragment: disable (What is this?)
    RTS/CTS disable (again above^^)
    Preamble: Long (okay i know this one! Preamble - Did i win? Yay.

    MAC Adress filter: I know what this is but I didn't figure I would need it.

    Bridge Adapter: Nvidia NFORCE networking controller (my network card thing :D) I know this is the correct device.
    I have my LAN connection set to shared as it should be.

    To even connect for 15 minutes, I have to uncheck shared and then check it again back to back. I can get connected, but can't stay there.

    If I get no help I guess it won't be a problem until SSBB (is that the correct abbreviation) comes out. I really want to play online if that will be a feature in it. I've already updated my firmware so I won't get bricked :p Btw I'm NTSC

    Gee, I hope its not because WIFI MAX IS CRAP!.. probably so but theres
    gotta be a fix..

    Any help appreciated PM me or post here if you need more information to assist me :D. I did my research and I can't beat that little thing.. so don't tell me to search please.

    I've seen the guide but it was for the PSP I tried everything there just in case also.
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  2. jnaks

    jnaks Regular member

    May 30, 2007
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    i'd keep the MAC filtering off if you're having connection issues. MAC filtering is an extra layer of protection that only lets devices with authorized (by you enabling them specifically in your router's setup options) connect to the router. I turned mine off and I seem to be doing fine now.

    I went to the support area of the website. seems like wifi issues are fairly common. seems to be very easily affected by any sort of cross talk. you seem to have all the key components they recommend: CH11, b+g connection, open broadcast. i use 128WEP instead, but i figure at 64, it should only make your connection more responsive. the only other thing i was told was to get a new antenna (ie. directional) but i doubt that should really be a requirement given the range of the new wifi routers.

    good luck.
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  3. FireRebel

    FireRebel Guest

    Thanks for the quick reply, I haven't seen a thread with a problem similar to mine.. Maybe theres something I could do to keep my Wifi max to stop dropping me after 15 minutes? I don't know.. lol Wifi max is crap..

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