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internet connection woes-..

Discussion in 'Sony Handhelds' started by drew00629, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. drew00629

    drew00629 Guest

    i recently purchased a belkin n1 router, and im having this very unusual connection problem.
    i can online with my psp, but i can only view one page at a time.. if i click a link anywhere, the server times out.
    ive contacted belkin by email and they suggested that i download and update the routers firmware, which i did, but it didnt solve the problem.
    obviously, my security key is right, because i can get online, but thats about it. ive cycled through every security setting on the router to see if the psp didnt support it, but it does.
    ive seached the crap out of psp sites, and i have never heard of this problem.
    both my laptops connect with no issues... the router shows that a wireless device is connected, the wlan switch on the psp shows that its connected.

    the router:
    belkin n1
    supports 802.11 (d,g,n)
    2 days old
    recent firmware update
    wpa security (no server)

    the psp:
    no homebrew

    id love to hear any suggestions..
    calling belkin is going to be my last resort.
  2. drew00629

    drew00629 Guest

  3. blackvamp

    blackvamp Regular member

    May 3, 2007
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    Try it with your computer to see if it's the router's problem or your psp. Assume you have a wireless card installed.
  4. drew00629

    drew00629 Guest

    both laptops connect with no problems.
    ive heard of one other person that has had this problem, so tomorrow im going to call belkin and see what we can find out.
  5. drew00629

    drew00629 Guest

    it has to be the routers problem. both my pcs work fine, and the psp worked with the linksys, its just not working with the belkin. i just called them, and they told me that they are going to have the engineering department call me back, so here we go again.
    ive sold the linksys, and am going to borrow it for the night and set up my other desktop to go through page by page to see what is different. is it possible to set up two different wireless routers on with the same dsl modem? if so, i may consider just buying another linksys, for my psp.

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