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is it possible to use the pc as a hdd for the ps2

Discussion in 'PS2' started by deadbeat9, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. deadbeat9

    deadbeat9 Guest

    i wonder if u can connect the ps2 to the computer and use it to play a ps2 iso
  2. Stinky_1

    Stinky_1 Guest

    nope, you cant. The HDD on your PC is formated in a system that the PS2 cannot use. And any HDD that is formatted to work on the PS2 is not even reconized by your pc after putting it in.

    Maybe someday somebody will make a USB program that allows you to link it up and play that way. But I would think you need a removable storage medium on the ps2 that is capable of holding a temp file of that game for the entire time you play it. So that would mean AT LEAST a 5 gb hard drive.
  3. p4_tt

    p4_tt Active member

    Feb 3, 2004
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    What type of HDD do you put in a PS2? Is it juust a normal one, Or can you use a laptop HDD in a PS2?
  4. Stinky_1

    Stinky_1 Guest

    Any HDD for a PC will go into the PS2. There are certain brands that work better than others. There are also people on this forum that are using a laptop hdd. But you need the ide cable adpater. There are certain benifits to using a laptop hdd (better cooling due to the smaller space). But also draw backs. (it costs a LOT more per GB plus you need the adapter)

    But yes that works fine.
  5. deadbeat9

    deadbeat9 Guest

    really so if i buy a 40 gb harddrive i can use it to play ps2 isos
  6. Stinky_1

    Stinky_1 Guest

    if you buy a 40gb hdd you can install it into your ps2 using a network adapter. Then purchase a program called hdloader, then install a ps2 game to the hdd, and then play it.

    The way you are speaking it sounds as if you think you can install a ps2 game onto the hdd and play it on your PC.

    If thats what you think/mean then you can NOT do it like that.

    Do some more searching and more reading and you will see how it all works.

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