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IS the eng PS3 multi region?could i buy a US PS3 and play eng PS3 games?

Discussion in 'PS3 - Modding & Hacking' started by grimmers3, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. grimmers3

    grimmers3 Guest

    im goin 2 canada in a week and i want 2 buy a PS3. will it play english games? and will it fit in my television? its not a HD TV and its fairly old. And will usa games work in an english console? also is the net play similar to ps2? i.e. dus it use a patch cable to go from my broadband box thing. also if any1 has ps2 netplay and has FIFA 07 then add me -> grimmers help needed soon regarding PS3!!!
  2. grimmers3

    grimmers3 Guest

    is the usa ps3 region free? is eng version region free? if so then theres no problemo apart from gettin connected with my tv and internet. will it work?
  3. camarienz

    camarienz Guest

  4. grimmers3

    grimmers3 Guest

    all this info seems to be regarding the HK ps3. if this is basicly the same as usa thn its very useful tho m8. thnx

    i went 2 a several game shops today nd they seem 2 think that the usa ps3 is bein changed to not work wiv uk region games, and that the uk updates on an american console could damage ps3 software

    this has happened to psp, update from different region breakes it nd ps3 nd psp setup is similar so possible dangers???

    this cud just be bull tho cus at the end of the day they are really tryin 2 sell me a uk version

    i am a bit hardup 4 cash so i dnt want 2 go blowin like 600 bucks on sumfin tht dusnt work, however if uk games dnt work on usa ps3 thn i cud just get usa games off ebay, but i still worry about uk updates on usa console.

    maybe i cud get a usa update off the web?

    anyhoo i would really appritiate it if u helped me agen plz m8

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