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Is this weird?

Discussion in 'DVD±R media' started by cenozoite, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. cenozoite

    cenozoite Member

    Apr 3, 2005
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    I just used Shrink and Decrypter to backup a movie onto a Memorex DVR+R, and to my surprise it will play fine on my Playstation 2 but is *not* even recognized by my Apex AD-1200, one of those infamous cheap chinese stand-alones that usually plays anything I throw at it.

    I know that there's some debate over the general dodginess of memorex media, but in this particular case, doesn't the fact that the disc played on a less co-operative player (PS2) mean it should have been fine on the easier Apex as well?

    The Apex played one of my other Memorex DVD+RW's just fine, that I burned using Nero Express 2.

    Any theories?
  2. kyle_101

    kyle_101 Guest

    I have the exact same player and you are right aboutit playing anything you throw at it, at the moment i am using ridisc 4x -R purple tops and the player looves them and they have the ritek g04 dye so they are good quality.

    Try them out
  3. bbmayo

    bbmayo Active member

    Oct 31, 2004
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    Until everyone can get it through there heads that Memorex media is spotty at best (actually it's crap period) we are going to continue seeing these type of post clogging up the forum about why this media wont play here, but will there or it skips and freezes or it just don't work at all. This is why you should invest in some better quality media. You will save yourself and best of all me some major headaches.. :)
  4. cenozoite

    cenozoite Member

    Apr 3, 2005
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    I am still pretty new to all this so I'm stil in the process of getting stuff through my head for the first time.

    I will certainly get some better media down the line, but I am also curious about whether the problem in this case may simply be the +R format, which my player doesn't like. If it just plain doesn't play +R's, then there's no point in my getting more expensive versions of them, so I'd like to establish that first.

    Kyle_101, have you ever gotten a +R format disc to play on that Apex? When I burned an exact same Memorex +R in DVD-ROM format instead, voila, it played just fine, so I am thinking it's the +R format that's the problem, not the Memorex brand.

    Strangely though, it did play a Memorex +RW format disc just fine.
  5. kyle_101

    kyle_101 Guest

    Yeah i had the same prob with the +R but now i just use -R and its fine. so if i was you i would just use -R
  6. Mort81

    Mort81 Senior member

    Jun 10, 2004
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    We discussed this and the disadvantages of useing memorex media and also compatability of dvdrom, dvd-r, and dvd+r formats in the dvd-r for newbies forum. Best chance of compatability is dvdrom, second is dvd-r, last is dvd+r. You already know first hand the problems with memorex since you said your rw's are infodisc and your +r's are cmc mag.
  7. kyle_101

    kyle_101 Guest

    I agree there is no substitute for good media, here is a list take a look at it and then try some I have provided the link if you want the site where i got that from (http://www.digitalfaq.com/media/dvdmedia.htm) (curtiousy of Jimdandy)
    Here is another very good site where you can type in the make of the blank media and it will give you the media code. (http://www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia.php?dvdmediasearch=philips&dvdmediadvdridsearch=&type=6&size=All&dvdburnspeed=All&order=Name&hits=25&search=Search+or+List+Media) (curtiousy of DogBomb)

    Hope this helps ;)

    Almost flawless burns with 95-100% reliable results:
    PVC = Pioneer = (-R)(-RW) ... media is no longer made
    MXLRG01, MXLRG02 = Maxell = (-R)(-RW) ... be aware of fakes
    TAIYOYUDEN, YUDEN, TYG01, TYG02 = Taiyo Yuden = (-R)(+R) ... be aware of fakes
    MCC = Mitsubishi Chemicals = (-R)(-RW)(+R)(+RW)
    TDKG02, TTG01 = TDK Corp = (-R)(-RW) ... be aware of fakes

    Decent discs, though not perfect, about 80-95% success rate:
    PRODISC = Prodisc Media = (-R)(+R)
    INFODISC = Infodisc Media = (+RW)
    SONYD04 = Sony = (-R) ... be aware of fakes
    RICOHJPN = Ritek or Ricoh = (+R)(+RW)
    RITEK = Ritek = (+R)(-R)(-RW)(+RW)
    OPTODISC = Optodisc = (-R)
    FUJIFILM = Fuji = (-R)(+R)

    Quality can be very questionable, about 50-80% success rate:
    LEADDATA, LD01, LD, LEDA = Lead Data = (-R)(-RW)
    BEALL = Samsung BeAll = (-R)(+R)
    MBI = Moser Beaur (India) = (-R)(+R)(+RW)
    PRINCO, fake TDK = Princo = (-R)(-RW)
    ONIDTECH = Unknown OEM = (-R)
    MUST = Unknown OEM = (-R)
    GSC001, GSC002 = Unknown OEM = (-R)(+R)

    Pathetic garbage media, landfill material, about 0-50% success rate:
    RITEKG01, RITEKG02 = Ritek = (-R)
    CMC, CMCMAG = CMC Magnetics = (+R)(-R)
    PIODATA, PIO = LeadData, Ritek = (-R) ... once sold as "Pioneer" but that's false
    Fake SONY, MXL = Fake Sony/Maxell from Hong Kong OEM (Infosmart?) = (-R)
    OPTODISC = Optodisc = (+R)(+RW)
    AN31, AN32, ANWELL, AN30 = Hong Kong OEM (Infosmart?) = (-R)
    INFOSMART = Hong Kong OEM = (-R)(+R)
    VANGUARD = Unknown OEM = (-R)
    YIJHAN = Hong Kong OEM = (-R)
    MATRIX = Hong Kong OEM = (-R)
    VDSPMS = Unknown OEM = (-R)(+R)
    LONGTEN = Hong Kong OEM = (-R)

    ANYTHING ELSE = Unknown OEM or NEW
    New medias to watch for: MXLRG03

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