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ISO or File Ripping??

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by chas0039, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. chas0039

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    Mar 27, 2004
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    Before I get in too deep I need to get answers to what are obvious questions to most of you but are still unclear to me. First, I expect to use Nero, DVD Decrypter, Shrink and probably DVD Copy 2 as needed (I know these programs overlap). I am not sure which method to use for ripping, ISO or File method. I have read of both being used and I guess I need to know where I will run into a problem.

    Assuming I use Decrypter and file method can Shrink read this from a HD folder or does it need an ISO format? I know Nero can read it and I assume DVD Copy will be able to read it. I guess I am most confused as to why you would rip to ISO. I have read of a few DVDs that were very difficult to rip with the conventional method of Decrypter and a copy program where someone created an ISO and went to Shrink to author.

    Anyway, some clarity as to when ISO is needed and when files are needed and especially, what should I do if I want to rip and won't be able to work on the copy for a while. I would hate to rip the wrong format and I don't want to waste HD space with two rips if they are not needed.

    Much thanks
  2. alexnigma

    alexnigma Guest

    Decryptor is okay if you want to rip a dvd less than 4.38gb, but if it is bigger then you need to use decryptor to create an iso and then play about with shrink to get the compression right otherwise it will state that there is not enough space on your HD. Dvd X copy is good, but once you use it to rip a dvd you will not be able to copy the backup as it places an authorisation file onto it so it knows that it is a copy and I am unsure as to how you get rid of it if you can at all. Clone Dvd is quite good also and I have not had a problem with it. Good luck. Check out the guides for more information.

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