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Italian Job Back Problem

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by Dennishp, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. Dennishp

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    Sep 5, 2003
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    Cannot get this movie to back up..Have tried DVDShrink (Lateest version) and DVD Decrypter......an even DVDXCopyXpress (Trial version). When using DVD Shrink...I get a hard halt (cannot read file msg) at the 59% point..and sometimes it can squeek past that point but fail at the 89% point everytime. I tried decrypting the file using DVDDecrypter to my HD and that program always fails when trying to read VTS_04_3.VOB everytime. The Original DVD is brand new..not a mark on it. I can see a few very small imperfections in the plastic coating of the DVD...but these are very very tiny. My guess is that there is some surface blemish that is preventing my DVD Burner to read that VOB file. As a fall back..I tried the trial version of DVDXcopyXpress and it fails to start the read process..and finally gives an error "Unable to open DVD". I've used this trial versoin of XcopyXpress once before when I couldn't back up Tears of the Sun...same problem....one VOB file could not be read by either Shrink or Decrypter..however...I was able to back it up using the Trial version of XcopyExpress...but not in this case.

    Does everyone agree that there are some DVD's that will just "NOT" backup on a particular system for some unknown reason while other systems will have no problems with it..and vise versa? I can accept that..but I tend to waste many hours trying and retrying different things to no avail. I should probably quit after a couple of tries and go on to something else. Guess I'm a Glutton for punishment.

    Thanks for hearing me out :)
  2. DVDExpert

    DVDExpert Guest

    Maybe you should. I have burnt tears of the sun using dvd shrink.
  3. koola

    koola Guest

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