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Discussion in 'PS2 - Hardware boot discussion' started by punx777, Nov 24, 2004.

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    Mar 2, 2004
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    as it says on the main page at ps2ownz.com

    Ever desired the FULL features of a DMS4 mod-chip, but you didn't want to risk soldering one into your PS2 console? Well, now you can have the best of BOTH worlds- introducing the DMS4 E.Z.I. (Effort Zero Installation), the world´s first truly solderless mod-chip for the PS2 console! After 18 months of exhausting development using the latest in Japanese Micro Molding Technology, the DMS4 Team has achieved what most said to be impossible- a 100% solderless, auto-boot/auto-detect, and truly intelligent and revolutionary mod-chip for PS2!

    Connection is achieved through a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) clip, BIOS clip, and Eject signal FFC adapter facilitating ease of connection through Plug and Play Technology. The E.Z.I. Lite and Pro are the first chips developed that successfully implement an advanced signal integrity detection system, and include an E.Z.I. LED panel to display the signal status of each and every signal required for successful patching.

    The self-test system will display a Green LED status for each and every pin which is correctly connected to the PS2, and a Red LED will indicate to the user that he has not connected the BIOS, DSP, or Eject connection assemblies correctly, and identify precisely which terminal has an issue too! Of course the DMS4 E.Z.I. mod-chips preserve the full array of features offered by their solder installation brethren: The 2MB flash memory offered by the Pro is more than sufficient for storage and management of many Homebrew applications, whilst the Lite version allows the user to auto boot all media types and manage applications through DEV.olution Mode 1 or 2.

    Finally, the PS2 E.Z.I. mod-chips include everything required to connect to PS2 versions v5-v11, and a PSTwo (v12) version is under development for release early in the new year as well! The DMS4 E.Z.I. chips go on sale at the end of November, and those interested can PRE-ORDER yours shortly from www.Divineo.com! Attached below are several thumbnails that link to HIGH-RES exclusive pics of the DMS4 E.Z.I. completely solderless PS2 mod-chip. Enjoy!

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