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jumpy or tracking problems on dvd player only, HELP

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by WolfSled, Dec 24, 2004.

  1. WolfSled

    WolfSled Guest

    burned dvd with nero and works great on pc, but in dvd player the horizontal sync wont lock and movie is constantly rolling upwards or downwards(cant tell, its going too fast) and wont lock.

    File is XVid, converted with WinAVI, then IFO edit to NERO.
    used TempEng first, but aspect ration was off, so ended up with winavi for because it works 20 times faster for me than tempeng.

    im thinnking it was the winavi, has this happened to anyone else? i dont need any more frisbees..

    thanks in advance
  2. WolfSled

    WolfSled Guest

    getting some answers on teh newbie forum, just not here where all the guys know what they are doing...

    heres my post...

    ok, i burned it at 2x, where the media is 4x

    i think i may have found the problem,
    check this link out, my dvd player is the drl120rb, states no dvr playback. could this be the prob? or do you think its the media?

    one thing worth mentioning, is i see the video come in right when i hit the stop button on the dvd player, just for a split second, very odd, but maybe thats a clue that the dvd player is having the problem?
    this really sucks because i dont have another dvd player to test them on before i give a few away to my family as xmas presents! heehee.

    i also heard of a media checker program, will this help in this case? maybe i can run a software checker taht will tell me if it will play ok in a compatible dvd player?

    gosh, hope the families dvd players are better than mine!
  3. WolfSled

    WolfSled Guest

    you guys are making me reply to my own post, heres the latest, some one help me out with some info?...

    I just have been working on another dvd, and it works in the player, HEE HAWW! so do you think its in the rip maybe of the divx?

    1st one, that doesnt work, its a PAL divx,
    2nd one that works, claims to be KVCD-Video CD

    the 2nd one works using the WINAVI method, then burning with Nero, the 1st one didnt work, using the same method.

    the only thing i think i changed on the 2nd method is i checked the 'soften' on WINAVI.

    SO could it still be the media since the 1st is MUCH higher quality? or could it be the ripping? I dont know how they were ripped.
  4. forkndave

    forkndave Member

    Jul 30, 2003
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    You shouldn't post the same thing in two different threads. This is known as double posting and is against forum rules. The same people will read both threads and nobody will answer this one because you appear to have gotten an answer in the other thread. You won't get any more expert advice in this thread than you will in the other one. There are no special experts monitoring DVD-R for Advanced Users any more than DVD-R for Newbies.
  5. WolfSled

    WolfSled Guest

    hmmm, ok

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