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Just a little more help and I will be there ...

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by Bolli, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. Bolli

    Bolli Guest

    I have used shrink to rip the DVD to my hard drive I have the newest ver of shrink and all went well after playing with it a couple of times now I have the DVD files on my hard drive and I have tried to Burn them to a DVD-R disc using Nero.. I get a error telling me I have no where near the space needed like I am short several gags on the disc..how much should I be able to put onto a sigle DVD-R disc.. in shrink I made sure to keep the bar green and I thought all was ok I got rid of most of the pre and post files and thoght I had most only the movie.. did I do something wrong NERO tells me that the disc holds only something like 700mb and there is nothing on it I have tried several...any help here would be very helpfull and do I need to use something else besides just shrink and Nero..????
  2. FalconPDQ

    FalconPDQ Guest

  3. Bodene

    Bodene Regular member

    Oct 5, 2003
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    Are u sure u used a DVD-r disc? It sounds like yer using a CD-r disc if it tells u that u only have 700mb avail.

    How many gigs do the files that shrink created amount to? It should be no more than 4.37gb if u want it to fit onto a dvdr.

    Are u using Nero in DVD-Video mode? Are you sure you have your DVD burner chosen in the Nero drive selector? If it's looking at another drive that happens to have a cdr in it, it might be trying to burn it onto the cdr. Just trying to think of what could cause this problem.

    More info would be helpful.

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