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just bought psp need help updating please!

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Mod and firmware discussion' started by 2BaD, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. 2BaD

    2BaD Guest

    just got a psp for the kids, well me aswell ;o)

    its running devhook 0.46 and in system information it says the firmware is 2.71se b" thats all i know about it! ive tryed playing new games but i cannot seem to get em to run, all i get is a black screen, older games play fine, just new ones dont want to run!

    Now what im wanting to ask is, how do i go about updating the firmware! if i was to update to the newest devhook, would i need to format my memory card and install the new devhook onto! or would i be better using the latest dark alex custom firmware! im new to this, only know how to play games on it, never updated it before! so if i were to use dark alex again would i need to format the memory card or can i just go ahead and update even though devhook 0.46 is installed.

    sorry if the questions has been asked over and over, ive looked through the forums and seen simualar replys to my question but still nothing that tells me in full as to what i need to do!

    Any help at all would be greatly apreciated! remember im new to this please simple replys ;o)

    Thanks for yer time in reading this!
  2. CKhaleel

    CKhaleel Regular member

    Feb 26, 2007
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    Use 3.40 OE-A. Go and google it.
  3. 2BaD

    2BaD Guest

    Thanks for your reply mate, but it wasent exacly the reply i was looking for, abit more information wouldent of gone a miss! but like i say thanks all the same, ill download the update you recomended, anyone else have any answers to my questions?
  4. mrmcman

    mrmcman Guest

    thats all u need to know. all the new games will work on there, as well as all homebrew games.
  5. 2BaD

    2BaD Guest

    oh right thats cool then! what i was also wanting to know was, do i have to format my memory stick, with it having devhook 0.46 onit, or can i just use 340oeEasy and follow the instructions from the easy installer!

    Again apreciate the help all!
  6. mrmcman

    mrmcman Guest

    u dont have to, but u will want to wen u get the custom firmware installed anyway, so i would say yes.
  7. 2BaD

    2BaD Guest

    ok great so basically all i need to do, is clean my mem card and install and then just update from inside the psp! think ive got it! lol!

    thanks very much for your help

    apreciate it mate
  8. 2BaD

    2BaD Guest

    ive gone for installing devhook 0.52 for now, seem to understand it abit more untill i get used to how the whole process works!

    however when i go to click on the psar dumper all i get is a white logo screen then it shuts down! any ideas?
  9. shadow270

    shadow270 Guest

    Look..the devhook thing is way more complicated then the custom firmwares (3.40 OE).
    all you have to do is connectyour psp to your pc via usb and run the easy instlaer.
    once your on 3.40OE just put the isos in the ISO folder , witch will be created automaticly if you format your memorystick after the upgrade...theres nothing more to it.
  10. 2BaD

    2BaD Guest

    ok im going for the one you mentioned!

    when i try running it i get the white logo screen and shuts down!

    when i use recovery when booting up to change back to 1.5 i get 80010002 game could not be started!

    im finding this pretty hard as i bought the psp with devhook 0.46 already installed, i have no idea what the original firmware was, all i know is in system information its showing as firmware 2.71se b" thats all i know about this psp! it was the same when i try devhook 0.52 when i click on the psardumper all i got was a white psp logo screen, hung there for a few seconds and then just shut down!

    i will install the 3.40oe instead of devhook so thats the one im after info on not devhook! im out of ideas, as i know very little on this subject!

    Also please forgive all my newbie questions, i guess we all start from somewere!

    Thanks again for your time in repling peeps, i cannot thank you enuff!


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