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Just installed Magic3 into V7 PS2

Discussion in 'PS2' started by PowerUp, Jan 29, 2003.

  1. PowerUp

    PowerUp Guest


    I've just installed a Magic3 into my PS2, now all my CDR backups work fine. Problem is that all my DVD-R backups do not boot first time. I usually have to attempt it several times until it will accept the DVD-R disk. This is done by switching the unit off from the back and starting again from scratch. Sometimes it will go to the red PS2 FORMAT screen, other times it goes to the BROWSER screen.

    I am using a Panasonic/Matshita LF-310 DVD-RAM drive and NERO 5.5/Primo Prassi.

    Are all the DVD-R disks supposed to boot directly or is there a method employed.

    Im sorry if the questions have been asked before.
  2. PowerUp

    PowerUp Guest


    I've just changed media and noticed quite a difference when it comes to DVD-R. I was using purple Gen-3 Bulkpaq DVD-R disks but just tried some Panasonic ones which work 90% of the time on bootup. Simply backing up the Bulkpaq copies to Panasonic brand has allowed me to load some games that would never work.

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