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kind of confused

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Mod and firmware discussion' started by tk1257, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. tk1257

    tk1257 Member

    Oct 7, 2007
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    I bought my psp used and it already came with 3.02 OE-B firmware I tried to put a game on the game file on the psp using winrar I compressed it into an image file it did not work it said no game data on the psp I noticed every site I go to says something about putting a game 150 in the game file in the psp mine has none am I extracting the game the right way do I have the right firmware to play home brewed games if not what do I need to do and one more question can you put 2 different types of firmware on your psp so if you want to play a newer games I know this is alot to take in but I would really appriciate it if someone could help me out thanks in advance
  2. larrylje

    larrylje Active member

    Jan 4, 2005
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    I would update to 3.52 M33-4 3.02 OE-B is kinda outdated. Below is a guide on how to do this...

    First off make sure your PSP is plugged in to the AC Adapter. Keep your PSP plugged in the whole time you are doing these steps.

    The PSP also needs to have a battery charge level of 75% or higher. To check the Battery level go to your system settings then battery information. It will give you the % level there. If it is lower then 75% turn off the PSP and let it charge till it is over 75% (I would recommend charging it to 100$)

    Now it is time to downgrade to 1.50

    Format your memory Stick using PSP system settings.

    Download this RECOVERY file.

    Extract the file which will extract a RECOVERY folder. Now connect the PSP to PC via USB. Place the RECOVERY folder in the /PSP/GAME folder of the PSP Memory Stick.

    Now go to recovery menu.

    Do this by turning off the PSP. Hold the power button up till the power led turns off. Now hold the R shoulder button down and keep it down while turning the PSP on.

    The Recovery menu should come up. When it does select the option "RUN PROGRAM AT /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/EBOOT.PBP follow the on screen instructions and it will downgrade your PSP back to 1.50 firmware (After it downgrades you might get a blue screen with a bunch of text. If you get this screen just hit O and the PSP will reboot and you will need to enter your settings).

    Go to the System Settings then system information and make sure it says 1.50 before continuing below.

    If it says 1.50 then you can start the steps below. If it doesn't then you did something incorrect so try the steps above again.


    Time to update to 3.52 M33 then 3.52 M33-4

    Format the Memory Stick using system settings.

    Download the 3.52 M33 CFW linked below. (I have placed all needed files in this download)

    3.52 M33 HERE

    Extract the file which will extract a UPGRADE_FILES folder. Inside this folder is kxploitpatcher, kxploitpatcher% and M33CREATOR.

    Copy the M33CREATOR, kxploitpatcher and kxploitpatcher% folders to the PSP/GAME folder.

    Go to Game Menu Memory Stick and run the KXploit Permanent Patcher (There will be a corrupt data file also here but ignore it because It is normal). It should run and say patched successfully and reboot back to the XMB(PSP menu).

    Now go to game Menu Memory Stick and run the M33CREATOR.

    When you run the M33CREATOR it will show parsing 150 writing 150 then parsing 352 writing 352 something like that. When it is done it should reboot back to the XMB.

    Now go to Game Menu Memory Stick and run the 3.52 M33 UPDATE that the M33CREATOR created. It will flash the files to the PSP when it is finished it will say press X to shutdown. Go ahead and press X after the PSP turns off turn it back on and go to system settings then system information and check to see if your at 3.52 M33 firmware. If you are then do the below steps. If you are not then you did something wrong and need to redo the steps above.


    If your at 3.52 M33 reformat the Memory Stick again.

    Download the below 3.52 M33-4 update.

    3.52 M33-4 HERE

    Now extract the 3.52 M33-4 update.

    Drag the PSP folder that is in the M33-4 update you just extracted, into the root of the Memory Stick (Don't confuse the MP_ROOT as the root of the Memory Stick. The root is the directory that has the ISO/MP_ROOT/PSP folder).

    If you do it correctly it should ask to overwrite files. Choose YES TO ALL when it does. If it doesn't ask to overwrite files then you did it wrong. Format the memory Stick again and drag the PSP folder over to the root till it ask to overwrite.

    If it asks to overwrite then you can proceed to the Game Menu Memory Stick and run the M33-4 update. This will only take a few seconds to do. When it is done it will say press X to shut down. When it shuts down turn the PSP back on and go to system settings then system information and check to see if it says 3.52 M33-4.

    If it doesn't say that then redo the steps above again. If it does say it then reformat the Memory Stick 1 more time.

    You are now updated to 3.52 M33-4.

    Make sure when you transfer over your PSP game it is an ISO/CSO file. You can not compress the PSP game in WinRAR and load it.

    You should have a ISO folder on the MS where you place the ISO/CSO PSP games.

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