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Legality of HD Advance in Canada

Discussion in 'PS2' started by RogerGunn, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. RogerGunn

    RogerGunn Guest


    I would just like to know whether or not HD Advance is legal to buy/use in Canada? Or modchips for that matter? I apologize if this subject was already discussed...

    Wasn't someone recently arrested for selling Modchips in Ottawa? A few reports seem to say that despite the newspaper articles, the guy was actually only arrested for selling pirated games - which is of course illegal. As far as I know products such as HD advance or modchips should be legal in the canadian code, as long as they are used for personal backup purposes only. I just want to use HD Advance to make the painful load times in GTA:San Andreas more bearable - and all the other games I legally own. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Doulley

    Doulley Guest

    ya dude im from winnipeg and yes hdds and modchips are legal in here but burning ps2 games and selling them is not allowed.
  3. RogerGunn

    RogerGunn Guest

    Then why was someone arrested a couple years ago for selling ModChips? Was he arrested for the sale of the Mod Chips, or for the Pirated games? or Both? Anyone know for sure?
  4. RemyK313

    RemyK313 Regular member

    Dec 24, 2004
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    Well, not too many countries have clear laws on the legality of Modchips. In fact, if memory serves me right, only the UK has declared modchips to be illegal.

    As for pirated games. The laws are kinda fuzzy on personal backups, but definitely solid on the sale. You can't sell backed up games, or professionally back up games for other people. Now, this isn't a clear law everywhere, but the general rule.

    This leads me to believe, that if the guy was arrested, it was for piracy.

    Let's face the music guys : People don't just buy modchips because everyone's a friggin console programmer who wants to use an ultra-low powered platform to develop on. In fact, console programming is tremendously difficult and tedious. Also, if I'm pretty sure that you need a license to develop, and sell software for most consoles. You pay a fee to Sony, and they will send you an SDK and give you some support in developing a game.

    Anyways, most of us don't have thousands of dollars for this. So we rely on hacked or leaked versions of tools.

    Beyond that, the only other reason that people want to mod their consoles beyond the channels available to them by the first parties (Like the hard drives or ethernet adapters that sony puts out) is because they want to play backups.

    OR to play foreign games.

    In short, people mod their consoles to play copied games. This is where it gets fuzzy. Some people are actually 'legitimately' doing this. They're (anally) copying the games they own as to not scratch the originals. Also, they're doing this so they can play foreign games.

    In any case, companies like Sony lose out on some money. Rather than spending $50 on GT4, someone will spend $30 on DVD+Rs and $20 on a gamepass/gamefly membership. Then they'll rent games and copy them.

    Good for the gamer on the cheap, very bad for the companies who develop the games.

    Anyways, this is what makes this all so shady. All of this is what made me give up the false air that other people try to put up. Rules like 'don't link to pirated materials' are the last line between discussion of games, and discussion of pirated games.

    Then there are people who sit on their high horses, talking about how they never talk about piracy, how they're supposedly better than others.

    Seriously, how many people are amateur console game programmers? How many people are following a noble cause that requires them to mod their systems? Very, very few.

    And even they pirate games. Everyone who's got a mod of some sort is pirating games. Just no one will admit it out of either fear of higher authorities or because of some false notion of pride.

    So you see, this is where the heart and soul of modding is : balancing out those who want to program on consoles and the majority of others who probably just want to copy games.

    This is why this is such a hot issue. It's because everyone knows what the REAL intention of most people is with these mods.

    Anyways, sorry to go off, I just wanted to clear out the air. I'm tired of seeing people with gigantic egos who are no better off than I am. I know that the majority of people here pirate games, and I, for one, have absolutely no problem admitting that I am part of that majority.

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