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Liggys Firmware For Nec 3500 Help!!

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Modding & Hacking' started by SPIKISH, Mar 13, 2007.


    SPIKISH Guest

    hey wats up guys! Being as Afterdawn is the best fuging place for help, im just dropping by to see if anyone can help me out, if not, then its all good, its happened before in here ;)

    I was wondering if anyone would happen to know where i can find liggys updated firmware for bitsetting for nec's 3500a(etc). See the problem is that i found a website in which contains the firmware download, BUT, the problem is that this is not Liggys firmware i used before formatting my pc. The one i used previous my format was quite simple just like all other dvd drive firmwares. Simply click ur desired burner and click update and thats it... maybe a windows version instead of gui?? thankss

    Hopefully you guys understand what i am trying to say, when usually im not fully understood, im sorry but when i write alot in here i usually do not take it in count my grammar and corrections like my english writing classes, if you know what i mean ;)

  2. reprazent

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    Sep 11, 2006
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    SPIKISH Guest

    thanks represant, but what i heard was that with the burner i have nec 3500, you need to have a "specific" firmware done to the burner or else the backed up or burned games wont work. i read this a while ago with a guy who had that problem and i have stuck with that ever since..

    also, this is the site i went to before, its the .bin stuff i never dealt with and do not want to.. the firmware i downloaded before was not a bin file it was a regular executable program which was like a setup file. just click and patch.. but thanks anyways


    SPIKISH Guest

    please close this thread.


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