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LMA Manager 2004 backup

Discussion in 'PS2' started by badlad, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. badlad

    badlad Guest

    trying to backup lma2k4, but does not work. I have a lite-on 451-s drive and use datawrite disks, use DVD decypter and prassi.
    My ps2 has a NO solder modchip and I use a AR2 disk. I swap the AR2 disk for an original dvd with a TOC greater than the backup at the menu screen like I should, but it starts to boot but then just a blank screen, all other backups work fine.

    Can someone help it is driving me nuts
  2. andybear

    andybear Guest

    I also had this problem.I downloaded cogswap exploit ,followed instructions to put it on my memory card ,iserted my ps1 exploit disc,white screen flashed,pressed eject,inserted large toc orig ps2 dvd game (larger than lma 2004 pal anyway),waited till disc had been read(when it has it will say " ps2 dvd ",pressed " x ",it said use cogswap,used swap method (whatever one you use),pressed " x ",and it loaded and played perfectly.It wouldn't work with the swap magic disk or ar2.hope this helps.

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