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Looking for a stand alone .exe dvd ripper

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by chmmrt, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. chmmrt

    chmmrt Guest


    Going to be a bit naughty ;-) and rip dvds at work using a company machine onto my own mini external 120gb harddrive.

    I'm looking for a stand alone .exe dvd ripper that I can have on the external hard drive so there is no trace of dvd ripping software or dvd rips on my pc. I don't want to shrink etc. i can do that later at home.

    Does such software exist?

    I can't use dvddecrypter or dvd shrink etc as it installs and I.T. will be get really upset if they see it on my machine

    Any other ideas to get around this would be useful.

  2. onya

    onya Guest

    THIS is the best free DVD ripper out there that IS updated. Good luck with your covert operations. LOL

    EDIT: You need to run the program from that removable drive, to do this simply go through the usual install proceedure BUT change the letter of the drive the the one designated to it, rather than the usual C:/. The only pain to it all is that the drive configurations will most likely be different. You'll need to manually change the defaults as you swap it/them between machines.
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  3. chmmrt

    chmmrt Guest

    Great stuff Onya - thanks!

    I assume I need to download the "DVDFab HD Decrypter" as opposed to the "Free DVD" program?

    thanks again!
  4. onya

    onya Guest

    chmmrt, No USE the free version for now until you make "the" final decision to purchase the "platinum" version. If you think the software developers deserve your dough, then go ahead and make a sale. PLEASE see how you like it before the commitment.

    If this helps..."there are ALOT of members here at AD that use the free version and are COMPLETELY HAPPY"

    If your needs change, then take the advise previous. IMHO.

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