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lots of random questions

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Mod and firmware discussion' started by HitTheBug, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. HitTheBug

    HitTheBug Member

    Apr 22, 2005
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    hi guys i have a lot of random questions and thoguht you could help me
    1. i have 3.03 oeb and i love it, why should i change to oec? i hear there are alot of problems like prx's not working etc etc
    2. when changing the names on the xmb do i really need a decrypted one? the default icons generated by xmb topmenu generator are ugly and i wanted to just use my backed up topmenu.rco
    3. i posted this a while back and got an answer but it didnt work very well, to replace all twelve months with different wallpapers i used the batch program that turns it into 1-12.bmp but when i flashed it it only used one picture and i wanted 12 different ones, what did i do wrong?
    4. i got cwcheats working for my psx games but i cant get the to work on my psp games ie killzone and katamari
    5. i think this was asked before but, if we can access the flash0 and manually flash stuff in there, cant we just replace a bricked flash0 folder with a working one? big_smile lol kind of a noob question.
    6. i converted ff7:ac with aviTOpmp and got a pmp file. i tried to use mtplayer and pmpmod but nothing worked, what happened?

    damn i forgot the rest of my questions. thanks alot for any help
  2. aj101788

    aj101788 Guest

    1.no one is telling u to go oec but in oec u can write stuff in ur Flash0 or 1 with USB
    2.no idea
    3.no idea
    4.dont no how to use cwcheats i use cheat master .6
    5.yes if u can still go inside recover menu
    6.no idea


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