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Magic 3 Problems

Discussion in 'PS2' started by augie101, Nov 14, 2002.

  1. augie101

    augie101 Member

    Nov 13, 2002
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    A couple of ???

    1 - when booting copied Playstation 2 games what does single tap required mean?

    2- What is the best known media to copy PS2 CD games on. I currently have TDK CD-R

    3 - I copied 3 games for PS2 (QUAKE 3, UNREAL, TETRIS WORLDS) using CDRWin. They appeared to have copied ok but yesterday I installed the Magic 3 Mod chip in my unit and these games are not booting. I am getting the screen "please insert playstation or PS2 format disc on the screen. My copied playstation 1 games boot fine but these will not. Is it the media I am using? My Playstation 1 games are on the same media discs and they are working. Please help!! Thank You
  2. Memphist

    Memphist Member

    Nov 12, 2002
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    There are some issues burning CDs with CDRWin. You should have a legit copied of cdrwin to make the program working. There are some cracks or patch for cdrwin and all of them seems to be NOT working. Try burning the games using Nero.
  3. Wizkid

    Wizkid Active member

    Nov 15, 2002
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    I have a PS2 V5 with a messiah chip.
    I burn my CD-rom PS2 Games always with CloneCD !
    (on the fly)No problems so far.
    I use all kinds of CD-r's.
    I burnmy DVD-rom PS2 Games always with Nero (on the fly) No problems so far.

    Use CloneCD Not CDRwin !

    The messiah rules ..
  4. BurnChamp

    BurnChamp Guest

    Their right, i tried cdrwin, didn't work. I used clone and it worked fine.
  5. skywayz

    skywayz Guest

    use RECORDNOW MAX its good for CDR and DVDR back up games.

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