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Major Issues with all games released since Splinter Cell Panodra Tomorrow

Discussion in 'PS2' started by evolwupka, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. evolwupka

    evolwupka Guest

    I bought a pre-modded PS2 from preicion mods (http://www.precisionmods.com) early this summer. The system is modded with a DMS-3 V9 chip, and currently I'm running 2.4 beta 3 flashed drivers (I have run the entire gamut of drives, all failing to help me with this issue.)
    All games released since Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow will boot up to the screen with the white "Playstation 2" logo, and then the screen goes black (like it normally does for a few seconds while loading) and stays that way indefinately. I have many games backed up that were released prior to SCPT, and they have all worked fine. I burn my games using DVD-Decryptor @ 1x speed, and I use Ritek G-04 discs (somtimes G-03.) I used to try and burn my games with alcohol 120 @ 2x speed (the lowest it would allow for some reason), but the same problems occurred and it just ended up costing me a lot of extra discs.

    I've tried contacting precision-mods but they seem to be very slow at responding to e-mails.
    I've also tried contacting DMS3 forum adminostrators, but few people seem to have any answeres.

    Does ANYBODY else have this problem, or heard of similar issues?
    Is there anything I'm not thinking of?
    Will DVDscan 3.7 (intended to fix dvd-checks) on ps2ownz.com help me at all?
    Does this sound like a botched install?

    Any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated.

    (I'm also posting this in the PS2 - DVD Backup discussion, and the PS2 - Hardware boot discussion forums so i may generate the most responces.)
    PS2 V9 W/ DMS3 @ 2.2 bios[/small]
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  2. MTurner13

    MTurner13 Member

    Aug 8, 2004
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    Sounds kind of like the problems I have been having.

    I can't figure out what it is though... It's not all new games either, just a few. I'm starting to wonder if there is some program of firmware on my computer that I need to update, since it is a lot of newer games. Would a newer version of decrypter change this? Or maybe some other program?

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