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Making a standard DVD-VIDEO from .VOB files

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by shakeel, Apr 24, 2005.

  1. shakeel

    shakeel Member

    Apr 24, 2005
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    i've read all the suggestions in this thread but there is none that really matches my problem:

    i got a dvd video which consists of only .VOB files. the problem is that i have all the .vob files but no .BUP or .IFO files. i have tested the .VOB files and they work fine with menu and all.

    Now, HOW do i convert all these .VOB files (menu included) into a standard playable dvd-video????
    i definitely want to keep the menus.

    which program do i use?? i don't know if there is anyone who truly knows what to do and if it will REALLY work, because he/she has to be a genius!

    i tried MOST of the TOP programs out there like DVDdecrypter, DVDshrink, Tmpgenc dvd author, ifoedit, vobedit, etc... but none of them allow me to keep the original menu as well.

    maybe i'm not working it the right way using the programs. can someone pleeeease help and explain???

    thanks and hats off to the winner/s!
  2. Minion

    Minion Senior member

    Sep 28, 2003
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    Those are not the Top Programs , Those are just the Most Common programs mostly because they are the easiest to use but it doesn"t at all mean they are the best....

    This is Going to Be Fairly complicated for someone who doesn"t know much about the Structure of a DVD and has never used a Proper DVD Authoring Program before....

    What I would do is First Find the VOB file that has the Menu and set it aside...Then take the Rest of the Vob files and Join them into One Big Mpeg-2 File(Vob and Mpeg-2 are the same Format) useing a Mpeg editor like "Mpeg2VCR"....

    Then I would use a DVD Authoring Program Like "MediaChance DVDLab Pro" and Load the Joined Mpeg-2 file into it as the Main Movie and then load the Vob file that has the Menu in it as the Main Menu and then add Links to the Menu that Links to the Movie and author it to DVD...

    I can Not tell you exactly every step because it all depends on How the Vob files and Menu"s are Configured and How many menu"s you have and were the Chapters are in the Movie and a bunch of other things...

    I have done this Type of Thing Many Times but how I go about it Changes from Movie to Movie because every DVD is Different pluss I have been working in the Digital Video Field for over 8 years so I understand this Type of Stuff....

    You might just be over your Head??

    Good Luck

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