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matrix infinity unable to save config settings

Discussion in 'PS2 - Hardware boot discussion' started by shubhang, Nov 22, 2008.

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  1. shubhang

    shubhang Guest

    i have v15 ps2 scph77004 i have a matrix infinity chip v 1.93 firmware
    all operations are fine except that when i enter the confing menu by pressing triangle+circle a blue screen cums and here i switched off macrovision and saved it and pressed reset it got saved but then when i turned off dual layer patch and presses start the screen froze and suddeny power went off and all my settings were back to default and again when i entered config menu and tried to save it cums settings saved pressed reset i did it but the settings are not getting saved
    please help me outttt
  2. creaky

    creaky Moderator Staff Member

    Jan 14, 2005
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